Saturday, May 28, 2005

Who is Tom Servo?


Many, many moons ago, I had to write a Master's project for Buffalo State. Only a first draft was submitted, so I technically never graduated. Then I changed schools and didn't have time to work on it. Or did I? Today I compiled the notes I wrote during slow days this past semester, and ended up with 24 pages. I only have to rewrite a 7-10 page introduction. Awesome! It's like I've done something with my life. The other day I was wondering about all the time wasted since graduating from college three years ago, but then I realized I'd earned (almost) two Master's degrees and spent about a month in Europe, visited friends in Minneapolis, Nashville, Boston, INDIANA and New York, wrote some songs and filmed a music video, worked two jobs and took--literally--7000 pictures of it all. And I ate a lot of really great sandwiches. All in all I think my resume speaks for itself.


Carlie said...

mmmmmm, sandwiches.

Ricardo said...

You go to Indiana twice and fail to even mention it once?