Saturday, July 31, 2004

It rained a lot today but we still squeezed in a few walking tours of Minneapolis, some more good eats, and watching the Red Sox slaughter the Twins (complete with some close calls with balls at batting practice). Here is the first picture of the day: a converted White Castle from the days when Harold and Kumar's grandparents built railroads in Oregon. Posted by Hello

Ed and Megan walk the plank. Jeff has scurvy. Posted by Hello

The Young Adult and the Lake Posted by Hello

Does your MILF need lubrication? Is your MILF suffering from viscocity breakdown? Posted by Hello

Peeps chillin', 10 minutes before The Man made it rain. Posted by Hello

The headshot Ed submitted to the Lavender classifieds. Posted by Hello

It rained extremely hard so we stopped in here to eat. Everybody knew our name, and were glad that we could . . . came . . .  Posted by Hello

More bad things happening to good people. Posted by Hello

Art Deco Posted by Hello

The Nick at Nite Mary Tyler Moore Show Commemorative statue. Not exactly General Lafayette but it'll have to do. Posted by Hello

The 2-floor Target has a ramp just for shopping carts. W00T Posted by Hello

Snyderman saves Megan from an imaginary train Posted by Hello

If you flip it upside-down, it looks like a Sealy Posturpedic. Posted by Hello

Makes Montreal look like Dodge City, doesn't it. Posted by Hello

And I got mad hits like I was Posted by Hello

The stereotypical athlete has extremely large muscles and a smaller-than-average brain. Posted by Hello

The Accident Re-enactment Squad hard at work. Posted by Hello

Let's look at that crazy freakin' smile one more time. Posted by Hello

Rave Unto The Blog Fantastic

Record budget deficit likely

As pristinely stipulated I completed my master's thesis last week. At least, I submitted it. Personally I think it's the worst thing I've written in several years. Speaking of bad plans, our group trip to Mount Rushmore has been shuttled; it seems that no one wants to drive 20+ hours without an air conditioner or a CD player to see a large rock in the woods. I think differently, so if anyone wants to come back here and see it please write:

TomServo0's Rockin' Rushmore Sweepstates
c/o Maple Syrup Productions
5151 Yonge St.
Just a pinch above Finch

Friday, July 30, 2004

Generalissimo Photog here. Today was spent walking around campus and some nearby neighborhoods. We even went to a place where they served pizza on beans! Sadly, they wouldn't give us the can opener. Posted by Hello

Ad in an Uptown bookstore. Caption: "Do You Love The Written Word?" Posted by Hello

Rockin' abandoned car in Ed's garage. Posted by Hello

Never heard of the guy. Posted by Hello

Ed, dead. Time of death 6:58 PM. Posted by Hello

Random people Posted by Hello

An awesome bookstore in a place called Dinkytown. This is a part of the basement. Posted by Hello