Monday, July 31, 2006

Beck - Sessions At West 54th

Listen up, people! Back in 1996 I went to my first real concert: Edgefest at Darien Lake, with Beck, Ben Folds Five, Elliott Smith and some local bands on the second stage. High school pals Adam Burg and Richie Rebmann procured tickets and a ride. ES was okay; BFF was astounding. Then Beck took the stage. He's still the only artist I've seen that can start with his biggest hit ("Loser") and then outdo himself with each following song. It was like watching a white James Brown. Heck, he even did Brown's cape bit. He danced, he slid, he used a whip, he debuted a song called "(I Wanna Get With You And Your Sister) Debra", he blew a harmonica faster than a freight train, and he swung his guitar-and-strap around his body like a hula-hoop. THEN he did a 20-minute version of "Where It's At". In conclusion, I now own about 25 Beck albums and bootlegs.

Anyway, the very last stop of Beck's Odelay! tour was NYC, where his band recorded its last performance for a sadly-missed PBS show called Sessions At West 54th. Freakin' amazing. I try to put that final song from the 1996 tour--this 11-minute recording of "Where It's At"--on CD whenever anyone asks for a mix. Now, thanks to RegnYouth Archives & friends, I have finally downloaded the unedited, 71-minute performance.

Hurry! Click on this link: the password is "TuB"

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Senator Stevens Was Right!

This bloody incredible evidence was discovered by Jeff of Spontaneous Poetics

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Which is funnier? Which is sadder?

A music video by David Hasselhoff . . .

or Senator Ted Stevens' understanding of the Internet?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

All Hail Satish!

Speak Up WNY

"Amherst Supervisor Satish Mohan has enraged the town unions, the police, the business community, developers, several of the Amherst Town Board members and even residents in town who have the means to pay whatever for services provided regardless of cost and program abuse just so that their quiet community doesn’t get any bad press."

Also, an awesome article about the ZOOPERSTARS!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

MST3K - Mr. B. Natural

HOW could you not like this show? This film is classic! Seventeen glorious minutes.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Putin says kissing boy's stomach was like stroking a cat - World - Times Online

Times Online

I saw that title and thought "Hmm." Then I saw the picture and I thought "Wuh?" Then I read the article and I thought "What the HECK is going on in Russia?" "Giant, humanoid war robots"?!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I finally developed my pictures from last October's Silent Auction/BBQ Chicken Dinner/Microsoft ClipArt Festival at the Ebenezer Baptist Church. A great time of fellowship was had by all! (Except the teenage children.)

Ellen Mae broke out her special Shuffleboard Reeboks to help model this dandy basketball. Who says sex doesn't sell?

Wilbur McCreary prepares wife Francis' quilt for auction by holding an old-fashioned exorcism! Cousin Milton, far right, checks for snakes.

Elmer farts in the heating vent, letting the deacon take the blame!

Susan Peters' Young Adult class showed off some dandy visual aids from their recent "Birds and Bees" seminar.

Everyone enjoys Earl Conroy's anti-Semetic jokes!

Even St. Veronica's from down the street got involved! Father Pollard brought some after-barbeque games to play. Most notable among them was "Phlatten the Philistine" where the kids threw balls at Goliath's helmut. Other games included: St. John Bosco Basketball Throw, Mortification Mush, Knock Down the Seven Deadly Sins, and Putt Your Way to Heaven.

Monday, July 03, 2006

80 Minutes for July 4th 2006


Just in time for a very patriotic 4th comes a very patriotic 4th mix CD! Let's see if up to 4 people download it! One .zip file, 21 tracks, 94 megs.

01 Roger McGuinn - The Star-Spangled Banner

From Project Gutenberg. I post this because he sings all four verses. You can learn more about the lyrics by reading this article by Issac Asimov. The music is based on an old British drinking song.

02 Franz Ferdinand - What You Waiting For? (Gwen Stefani cover)

From a British magazine's mix CD. There's a little Billy Idol in there for good measure.

03 The 5. 6. 7. 8.s - Mr. Lee

Remember the Japanese "Woo-Hoo" band from Kill Bill? Sadly, I heard they broke up about a year ago.

04 Go! Team - Bull In The Heather (Sonic Youth cover)

Wow, the 4th cover in a row! No dancing Kathleen Hanna in this version, however.

05 Kelis feat. Too Short - Bossy

Pretty basic, eh? Just like "Got Your Money" and "Milkshake" was. :)

06 Peaches - Downtown

Currently touring with the Eagles of Death Metal, which must be the Sexiest Tour Ever. This is from her album Impeach My Bush. Ha!

07 Paul Oakenfold ft Brittany Murphy - Faster Kill Pussycat

THE Paul Oakenfold? With THE Brittany Murphy? When do these things happen? Just how many recording artists were in 8 Mile, anyway?

08 Mr. Loco - Real Religious Man

The opening song to Nacho Libre. Bueno!

09 Holy Fuck - Tone Bank Jungle

I downloaded it, thought it was interesting, and then found out they had played in Buffalo just a week before. Farts.

10 Danko Jones - Choose Me

The American bonus track from their newest album, in case you're one of those suckers who couldn't wait and bought the Canadian import (cough).

11 Danger Doom - Occult Hymn EP Skit 1

This free EP follow-up to The Mouse And The Mask can be found at Adult Swim..

12 Heart Attack - Gangsta Boogie

Cee-Lo did the recent Gnarls Barkley project but he also did this as-yet unreleased album.

13 Team 9 - Screaming Pro

According to the file info, this mash-up is best described as "Team 9 vs. Beck vs. AC/DC vs. Michael Jackson". Because that's what it is.

14 Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here

Who isn't?

15 Eric Weissberg and Steve Mandel - Dueling Banjos

From the movie "Deliverance". Fun facts: "The Star-Spangled Banner" was originally named "The Defense Of Fort McHenry". "Dueling Banjos" was originally named "Feuding Banjos". Okay, maybe those facts weren't fun at all.

16 Kyuss - Conan Troutman (live 5/24/94)


17 El Presidente - 100 MPH

In my circle, "El Presidente" refers to "an extremely weighty stool". But since it's the 4th of July, let's pretend we're really talking about George W. Bush. Viva America!

18 "Weird" Al Yankovic - You're Pitiful

Weird Al specifically said this won't be on his next album.

19 Wevie Stonder - Gagged And Bound

I was told this record would be hilarious. Disappointingly, it was musical instead. Whatev.

20 Sublime - Rivers Of Babylon

In my opinion, the best thing this band ever did. It sounds like they did it without knowing the mics were on. Another cover; what's my problem?

21 Senator Ted Stevens (R) Alaska - Net Neutrality

What an ass. I dare you to figure out what this guy is saying. Then I double-dare you to prove to me why he should be influencing debates concerning communications legislation. Information on this clip has already made it to his already sordid Wikipedia biography; read it and weep.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sabado Gigante

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BEHOLD the awesome power of the Buffalo Olmstead Parks System! As big as Central Park, it is! The other day I volunteered as a docenting chaperone for a tour of Lincoln Parkway. That sounds like I did something but that's not true. Using some spare time I also took photos of the Hoyt Lake area. Again.

Crackas stole our bikes! There are mothaf***in' snakes in this mothaf***in' lake!

A number of historically significant Indian hobos lived under this bridge, memorialized here in the capstones.

A number of historically significant Indian hobos also gambled at this casino.

Why does the Rose Garden remind me of scenes from "Enter The Dragon"?

"George, I'll take your Gitmo and raise you a habeas corpus suspension! Royal Flush!"

Later I met up with Joey Jo-Jo Jablomee and we tried the downtown Salsaritas franchise. Not bad at all, and it's open until 9. That's about 7 hours later than most downtown restaurants.

Muy grande burrito con nachos! GOOOOOAL!

Then Joe-Bags said "let's try out Sweet Tooth". The place recently moved to a new location; apparently one of the workers wasn't 100% behind the move.

Joe marvels at the Leaning Tower of Gellato. In keeping with dinner, this is their Mexican Sundae. GOOOOOOAL!

Finally, my health insurance sent me a free pedometer with the suggestion that I keep fit by taking 10,000 steps a day. Here is my pedometer reading at 1 PM today. Conclusion: I'm immortal.