Saturday, May 21, 2005

Flame Warriors

Home of the Flame Warriors

Jeff was in town to see Megan's graduation. Jeff is on the left, and Megan is trying not to be on the right. As you will see, get-togethers have become a bad excuse to take pictures of other people . . . taking pictures.

We went to Duff's. The medium wings were hot!

Jeff recounts his famous "scuba diving" dream.

Joe looks for a good place to pose.

Jeff prepares to take Joe's picture.

Then we went to a driving range. I had a coupon! Now everybody owes me $2.20.

Megan checks out Jeff's camera, while Dave, Jeff, and Joe pose for a "Faith + 1" album cover.

The Bob-O-Link Golf Club sign.

Joe runs to take a picture of the sign! Hurry, it's getting away!

That's it. Bye.

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