Thursday, May 05, 2005

TomServo0's Word of the Day

As I write this, it is 5/5/05 and 5:05 AM. I'm here at the university library trying to finish a paper. Good thing the prof moved back the due date until Friday, because I'm on page 9 and it has to be 15. This paper is kicking my butt. It's on the religions of pre-colonial India, so as an American History it would do nothing else but kick my butt. I don't even know what I'm writing! I have to give up and try again tomorrow. Dang.

Well, I didn't learn anything from doing all this homework, but here's what I did find out as I wrote it:

Sarah G: Moved back to town
Megan S: Quit her job today, got a new one
Stephen Colbert: Has a new show called The Colbert Report! It's gonna be AWESOME!!!! (4 exclamations, a first! Now five! I mean, seven!)
Dave Chappelle: Has pneumonia and can't tape new Chappelle Shows
UB Microfilm Collection: Surprisingly quiet from midnight to 5 in the morning
Pastoralism and Nomadism: Two very different things
Propitiated means: See link above
Canisius Quad Party: Is today!
Ed S: As usual, Ed was also writing a 15-page paper tonight. And as usual, he was 6 pages ahead of me when I talked to him.

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