Monday, February 27, 2006

Thank You For Your Support

Here are some of the ways you found my site:

This site is ranked #1 for "bestality cases in Jamestown, NY" on Google.

It's also #57 for "indestructible light sabers" on Yahoo.

AND it's #25 on Yahoo's search for "photos of Amsterdam's hookers."

Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Schrock-Ferguson Radio Hour #2

Download Podcast Here

Thanks to the four people who heard our first podcast. Here's the second episode, dedicated to you, the fans.

Recorded: 16 February 2006
Hosts: Joe Ferguson, Fred Schrock
Edited: Fred Schrock
Recorded: Joe Ferguson

Speaking of painful noises, you can check out this review. Also, Mclusky will come out with an anthology soon which should be awesome.

Finally, I submitted two albums to The Indie Connection that you are free to download, both by members of the now-defunct cult favorite Cibo Matto. I highly recommend listening to Smokey & Miho's The Two EPs as well as the self-titled album from Butter 08.

Now, enjoy some funny street signs.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Podcast #1

DOWNLOAD The Schrock - Ferguson Radio Hour

We've started up the old show again. To download, there's a short countdown and a confirmation code. Just follow the easy-to-read, minty-fresh instructions. It's about 30 megs and 30 minutes so make some time.

Podcast 02/02/06
Hosts: Joe Ferguson, Fred Schrock
Recorded by Joe Ferguson
Edited by Fred Schrock
Incidental music by Fred Schrock and Joe Ferguson
"Cold in B-lo" early demo by Joe Ferguson

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


The Whopperettes™

Here are some scans of Frankenstein's visit from a while ago.

Tim took Frank on the roof to show him the neighborhood.

Hannah "parks" with Frank and shares a soda

Frankenstein takes out the trash!!

Later, Tim kicked Frank in the groin so hard that he farted to death. In the absence of more F'n Stein photos, here's Madd Dogg kissin' on some guy.

Madd Dogg, Richie, Tim, and Slagor

Hannah and Jeff

More gang members

Another pic of Slagor

Monday, February 13, 2006

Queen Street Man

View It Here

Ed already beat me in posting "Brokeback to the Future" so I'll counter with this. Where in your city is the Queen Street Man? Here in Buffalo I nominate Jamie Moses as the Elmwood Avenue Guy (thank you Matt Taibbi).