Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Thanks for the Link, Ed

Amherst Theatre, Fahrenheit 9/11 Premiere

We had to see the movie in Orchard Park (25 minutes away) because it was sold out here . . . for the entire weekend.

Van wins Great Ferry Race

Democrat & Chronicle

When I saw this a sidebar ad ironically touted the new ferry. Both of these cities are ten times better than Buffalo.

Wimmern, Ihr Haar riecht terrific!

TomServo0 (1:19:05 AM): Wie tun Sie heute?

Auto response from Quimby80 (1:19:05 AM): OH, ich hab solche Sehnsucht,
ich verliere den Verstand,
ich will wieder an die Nordsee,
ich will zurck nach Westerland.

Quimby80 (1:19:21 AM): du kannst mir du sagen ;-)
Quimby80 returned at 1:19:22 AM.
Quimby80 (1:19:36 AM): es geht mir ganz gut heute
Quimby80 (1:19:55 AM): Ich bin ins Kino gegangen, und ich habe Farenheit 9-11 gesehen
Quimby80 (1:20:27 AM): ganz in Ordnung
Quimby80 (1:20:27 AM): auch, habe ich den besten Musikladen gefunden!!!!!
Quimby80 (1:20:38 AM): er heisst CHEAPO musik, und gibts fast alles dadrin
Quimby80 (1:20:45 AM): :-)
Quimby80 (1:20:49 AM): hi Fred
TomServo0 (1:23:52 AM): Ja kann ich. Ich bin ein genious.
TomServo0 (1:23:56 AM): Ich muß zu diesem Speicher gehen. Ich dachte, daß der Film gut und lustig war.
Quimby80 (1:24:36 AM): Fred! Wie hast du deutsch gelernt?
TomServo0 (1:26:31 AM): Ich studierte sehr viel. Ich kenne nicht viele Wörter, aber ich erlerne.
Quimby80 (1:27:23 AM): lol, du hast deutsch an der Internet ausgesucht, oder? :-)
TomServo0 (1:27:24 AM): Ich wollte Sie überraschen. Ich könnte nicht bis meine Ferien warten.
Quimby80 (1:27:43 AM): deine Ferien nach Minnesota?
TomServo0 (1:28:38 AM): Sagen Sie mich sind ein Lügner?
Quimby80 (1:29:21 AM): ganz genau ;-)
TomServo0 (1:29:47 AM): Entschuldigen Sie sich!
Quimby80 (1:30:20 AM): ich habe gesagt, dass du "du" sagen sollst
TomServo0 (1:31:38 AM): Ich liebe dich! Warum würde ich zu Ihnen liegen?
Quimby80 (1:32:08 AM): Ich liebe dich auch Fred :-)
Quimby80 (1:32:47 AM): willst du auch ein paar Chicken nuggets essen? ;-)
TomServo0 (1:33:53 AM): wdb?
TomServo0 (1:34:07 AM): (Was das Bumsen?)
Quimby80 (1:34:14 AM): ?
Quimby80 (1:34:34 AM): welche internet seite hast du?
TomServo0 (1:35:06 AM): altavista
Quimby80 (1:35:11 AM): ah
Quimby80 (1:35:12 AM): :-)
TomServo0 (1:35:13 AM): i'm tired and give up

Monday, June 28, 2004

Creed Breaks Up . . . Through Mitosis

The Webshite :: Nickelback

The most incestuous mash-up ever recorded.


"Imagine separating kids according to color when we couldn't even see each other. Now ain't that a bitch!"

--Ray Charles, on his days attending a segregated School for the Deaf and Blind

Tim "The Gauntlet" Schrock poses with his music stand. Tonight was another successful jam session. Bow down! Posted by Hello

Monsters of Rock Posted by Hello

Guitar tech. Broken strings are a good omen. Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Decent summary of the current problem

Reagan aide slams neo-con policies - (United Press International)

For more insight, be sure to look at the thinktank's official site, which includes this September 2000 document foretelling just about everything.

It's all falling into place . . .

Green party snubs Ralph Nader - (UPI)

A good long-term strategy overall, but I think disenfranchised Republicans and conservatives will be this year's swing vote. If those guys vote for Nader (ironic, isn't it?) and the true Greens vote Cobb, everybody wins some way or another. Except in electoral votes . . .

Ed Snyder as the Fonz. Posted by Hello

Some time ago I got a discarded chalkboard from Joe's chemistry lab. I show these inside jokes to symbolize my great need for this chalkboard. Posted by Hello

Jeff complained that my bedroom looked like that of a crazy clown in the Bozo circus. This is a picture of my much browner living room. Posted by Hello

Theses Are Feces (pt. 2 of a million)

More reading of The Little Red Schoolhouse ensued. It seems that only a rotating cast of supporters and journalists put the thing together, with diminishing returns. Begun in 1927, the eight-page monthly eventually became a four-page monthly, then an eight-page bimonthly, and then quit in 1935. Though many periodicals shut down with the onset of the depression, the fact that several of the dozen or so persons running the paper died was also cause for concern. This fact could also symbolize the cause of one-room schoolhouses: aged, passing away slowly without replacement. The first issue emphasized rural Brockport's struggle for district autonomy, but by 1935 the fight was futile. Lost lawsuits led to closed classrooms. Public opposition quieted.

The paper was pretty low-rate. It required donations to stay afloat, and begged that rural schools put those donations into their budgets. Simultaneously, they argued against the higher taxes that would arise as a result of consolidation and the salaries of school boards. Articles were inflammatory and propagandistic. School superintendents were Tsarist dictators, the State Department of Education was despotic, and the state judicial system supported tyranny and despised dictators. When elections and referendums were held, they were fraudulent. Town officials performed a litany of conduct errors at each public meeting. And in each case, a Rural School Improvement Society member witnessed each offense for Schoolhouse readers, promising speedy legal repercussions.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Ed recently posted pictures of his room. Since I want to be just like Ed, voila. Posted by Hello

...and the other side.  Posted by Hello

My Theses Are Feces (pt. 1 of a million)

Skip this if you want. I'm working on my thesis and want to prove that I've accomplished something. Somehow posting it is more enjoyable than finishing more. Right now I'm looking through The Little Red Schoolhouse , a newsletter from 1929. The thesis may simply complain about the asinine diction and grammar skills of these enlightened rural school advocates. Here's a sample paragraph. If you can explain to me how they've proved whatever point they're making, I'll give you a gold star:

"According to our information, the whole legal force of the State Department of Education, in co-operation with the legal talent of the State Attorney-General's office and numerous other legal lights in the city of Rochester are apparently engaged in a determined effort to bind these districts tighter to Brockport village and thus not lose the big assessed valuation of about $4,000,000 which the poor village of Brockport needs to help it build its Central Rural High School, since the village has, with the other districts which comprise the Union School district, only the meager amount of $4,000,000 for its own assessed valuation."

Does Brockport have a "big" assessed evaluation or a "meager" one? Is Brockport "poor," or overbearing and influential, as the paper described in an issue just one year before? And here's a pile of info I typed up, almost as bad (456 words) Comment if you feel like it.

The Normal Schools act of 16 April 1866 created four Normal Schools. One proposed school would be at Brockport, with a pricetag of forty to fifty thousand dollars. The pre-existing Baptist College, however, was later determined to be in a poorer condition than Brockport described it. The state shelved the new school and gave the property to Brockport to pay off local debts. Dedman describes the events leading to the Normal School's creation as the "Normal School War." At the center of the argument, as with most local issues, was the threat of higher taxes. The village held a referrendum for taxpayers only and school supporters lost, 139-102. The Village Board also examined the amount of property owned by the voters, and found that schools supporters own a majority of taxable land: $185,800 to only $106,460. Clearly difference of opinion could be designated by class. The village board, based on this information, re-voted on 10 May 1866 to supercede the referrendum and petition the Normal School Commissioners again for the school, and limited funds raised through taxable income to $37,000. The majority of voters righteously felt cheated.

Consistent commotion demanded yet another public vote on 1 August. This time both male and female taxpayers could vote, though the women by proxy, and the school clearly won 165-131. Once Brockport began to support a Normal School on their land, they noticed they had competition. Nearby Clinton County, the village of Cortland, Fredonia, St. Lawrence Academy, the Antwerp Insitute, Central Academy in Megrowville, the Delaware Academy, the Newark College Institute, Fort Edward Institute, and the Seminary at Charlotteville in Schoharie County are all recorded as proposing land, buildings, and other facilities to win a new Normal School. Brockport proposed $100,000 for land and the former Baptist Institute as well as $3000 more for furnishings, and won one of the four new schools (Binghamton, Potsdam, and Fredonia were the other three).

It should be noted that a number of inhabitants, some prominent, refused to pay the new taxes in the next year.
E.P. Root complains to Board, saying that raising the property values around the new school has benefitted those elected:
"The chief question involved in the matter has been made one of pecuniary interest. You obtain the schol independent of the town, not asking us to participated in your action. You did it as a matter of business. Sume thought it would give increased salaries, others increased rent, still others increased trade. The motive was gain. You thus assumed the responsibility of agreeing to erect these buildings. Now you call upon us to assist you, and have secretly secured the passage of a special act which gives you the legal power to levy this tax on the town."

99 Cent Downloads Kind Of Suck

Sony Connect

I tried using those free download things they put on Big Mac containers. They work fine, but who wants to download something that won't convert to a basic format like .mp3 or .wav? I understand the importance of protecting copyrighted material, but it seriously compromises the value of the material. In the time spent searching for decent songs to buy--rare tracks, the ones I'd think to be beneficial for both parties--I could have downloaded ten times the material for free as a standard audio file. They've got a while to go before digital music is universally playable, and therefore economically viable.

Irish TV Catches Bush Changing Clothes

ABCNEWS.com : Irish TV Crews Catch Bush Changing Clothes

If I were right-wing, I might use this article to show how the world harrasses our good President beyond the bounds of common sense. If I were left-wing, I might use this article to show how the leader of the free world doesn't have the common sense to know what day it is or keep the window closed when his clothes are off. Have fun with it.

Switch to Celcius

Seriously, we have to go to Metric. It's so much simpler. But anyway this post is about Fahrenheit 9/11.

I had to drive for an hour to get to the theater because only three places in the area were showing the film and the other two were sold out for the weekend (!) So after about two hours of IMs and phone calls and traffic, I made it to Orchard Park. There were several interesting notes not involving the film, which include:

--Meeting STEEVIE STEVE for the first time
--The jackarse who wouldn't shut up the entire movie (was he the same guy at The Passion?)
--The lines to get in (sold out like all the other showings)
--The cop stationed next to the ticket-taker
--Going to Louie's Red Hots after the show

At Louie's, STEEVIE STEVE got feta cheese for his hot dog. It was a lot of cheese. Meanwhile, I concocted that the movie Super Size Me accurately shows how John Kerry wants to make us fat. Burgers at McDonald's most often have ketchup on them, and Heinz is the largest producer of ketchup. John Kerry is married to an heir of the Heinz family fortune. Don't you see? Kerry is an opponent of Bush because Bush is from Texas, the center of the burgeoning salsa industry. The salsa market is growing phenomenally and directly threatening the Heinz/Kerry family fortune!

There were connections in Fahrenheit 9/11 that almost seemed that far-fetched, however, it never went that far out. I would say that not everything in the film was true, but nothing was false. It was the funniest film I've seen this year, but didn't show me anything I couldn't have gotten from The Daily Show except for a little extra research. As our buddy Dave said, the movie was propaganda. Great propaganda. It didn't have to rely on lies like Goebbels did but simply the humanness of its subjects. George W. Bush is a moron and I could have told you that in 2000. Still, there's nothing like seeing him and his administration in all its "nucular" glory.

And that thing that Wolfowitz does with his hair . . . disgusting!

Friday, June 25, 2004

Giraffes have come to see us in our natural habitat. Posted by Hello

More Proof that we went to Putt-Putt. Posted by Hello

The Ocho

A lovely time of togetherness and group fortification was held at the Putt-Putt on Sheridan tonight. We were going to see some band downtown but Dave said it was wack and we met a Joe's. Sarah refused to drink the lemonade and received the cat o'nine tails for her mistake. In defense she hit Joe with a golf club, creating a serious bump on his forehead. During a highly competitive game of golf in which I vanquished all who opposed me, The Almighty and Merciful Lord rained down flood waters upon us to prevent a total washout on the scoresheet. Then enlighted by the heavens to show compassion upon my competitors, I treated everyone to beverages and vittles at a local pub, completely on me. Salsa was involved. So was Mango. Dave, speaking for the rest of the group, thanked me from the bottom of his heart for the times of their lives. So endith the evening. And remember, if you reneg on something, you're a renegger. I'm Audi 5000.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

The following are pics from a day trip to Montreal. But first, this picture of Oechsner Castle in Williamsville. Posted by Hello

Ed suggested doing the infamous Washington Monument shot (lying on the ground, using your imagination) but we opted for this. Posted by Hello

Dueling Posted by Hello

Forbidden Border Smooching Posted by Hello

Moi Posted by Hello

La Megan Posted by Hello

L'Ed Posted by Hello

Olympic Stadium from a distance Posted by Hello

La stade. Posted by Hello

Megan's fancy-pants camera. Posted by Hello

If Ed and Megan were the White Stripes, this would be their album cover. Posted by Hello

Diver Down Posted by Hello

Ed steals buttons. Posted by Hello

Le dome. Posted by Hello

Attendance is HUGE at Expos games. Posted by Hello