Wednesday, June 29, 2005

It was really Ed who wanted to know, but you have to appreciate the good work of the Western Reserve Historical Society.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Best Afternoon Ever

I went to the Artvoice Street Festival with Dave today. I went to see Medeski Martin & Wood, but we spent most of the time walking around with all the smelly hippies.

Mr. 3 O'Clock, the dancing machine

The Global Village Idiots. Cucumber + Ginsing could destroy them.

MMW was one of many groups we perused, including The Irving Klaws, East High Dance Ensemble, The Ifs, Last Days Of Radio, Gov't Mule, and Mark Freeland (assumably, the guy in the dress).

Ilya's Bellydance Studio

For more information about The Ramrods, read this.


Dave: A Photographic Analysis

Watching Medeski Martin and Wood: Cool, Calm and . . . Woody.

Insert Hot Dog A . . .

. . . into Slot B.

Dave cries; the Ramrods reunion was too much for him.

Dave will be the future General Director of Shea's

Dave KNOWS what time it is.

Central Terminal

These pictures were taken on Joe's camera, and if you go to his blog he should at least have a panoramic shot of the building (Joe: I didn't want to steal all your thunder). A free art show to benefit the building's renovation took place today, and you can see that the place makes for an interesting gallery. If you look real close you can see Canisius '02 alum Janet McNally(link may not work without Firefox) in a photograph or two.

That should be MY license plate.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Great Compromise

Ed wanted to see an Indians game in Cleveland. I wanted to see the Sleater-Kinney show. In what will now be known as the Great Compromise, I sat through a rainy baseball game while Ed spent 3.5 hours listening to indie rock. In the meantime, we walked around the city and took some pictures.

A cool bookstore, sadly closed.