Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Maps of the Past

guess what this site sells

After 16 hours on the road, it was nice to sleep for a few hours. Instead of doing any actual work today I decided to run a few errands. One, if you saw blog pictures from Jamestown, was to get a new pair of sneakers. Well wouldn't you know but it's Memorial Day and shoe stores weren't open. I also ended up at Wal-Mart for some other stuff and saw the Grocery section for the first time. Two-liter Pepsi for 64 cents? Daaaaaaaam. A dozen eggs for 48 cents. Sheeeeeeet! The strangest part was seeing a woman walk up to her husband at the seafood section to find out which shirt she should buy. Then I went home, at a pound of spaghetti and called it a day.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Who is Tom Servo?


Many, many moons ago, I had to write a Master's project for Buffalo State. Only a first draft was submitted, so I technically never graduated. Then I changed schools and didn't have time to work on it. Or did I? Today I compiled the notes I wrote during slow days this past semester, and ended up with 24 pages. I only have to rewrite a 7-10 page introduction. Awesome! It's like I've done something with my life. The other day I was wondering about all the time wasted since graduating from college three years ago, but then I realized I'd earned (almost) two Master's degrees and spent about a month in Europe, visited friends in Minneapolis, Nashville, Boston, INDIANA and New York, wrote some songs and filmed a music video, worked two jobs and took--literally--7000 pictures of it all. And I ate a lot of really great sandwiches. All in all I think my resume speaks for itself.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Sonic Youth Guitar Tunings

Jingle Jangle - Sonic Life

I finally got my copy of Sleater-Kinney's The Woods and I must say it rocks hard. Actually it's hurt my ears a few times because I played it too loud. And what a long six months it's been between hearing them play in between recording sessions and the freakin' release date. I've heard a lot of comparisons to Jimi Hendrix. It definitely has a 60s rock feel, but the production is very Iggy & The Stooges' Raw Power if you ask me. The sound is very much in the red.

In other inconsequential news, I went to the main post office in Buffalo for a drug test. Usually I'm afraid of being empty, y'know? so I held in that important first #1 of the day all morning. Lemme tells ya, I coulda filled three of them jars. The post building is a big, factory-like facility, which wasn't a surprise, but there must have been four hundred cars in the the parking lot, which was. And two nurses on duty. Across the street is a Goodwill, so of course I checked it out. It was a small selection but it blew my mind to find the Smashing Pumpkins' Lull EP for $3. I never bought it because it was either $12 or totally out of print. That makes 43 Smashing Pumpkins CDs, friends. It's not the 47 I have by Nirvana but it's close.

Monday, May 23, 2005

The Problem With Music

by Steve Albini

CZUP everybody?! Here are some pix from the past few days.

Oh, the fun Dave and I had in Jamestown.

Jeff and a very drunk Megan enjoy Texas Hots at Johnny's.

At the Chautauqua Institution, a scale model of Israel but with much more grass.

Footwear by the House of Gross

The Athenaeum Hotel, which is very important.

Old people. Jeff's birthday is tomorrow.

The performance hall, also very important/famous/old.

Dave checks out the ferns.

Dave stops to smell the flowers.

Campfire at the O'Connors'

The O'Connors, keepers of the fire.

Marshmallow soup, with an Ash garnish.





Semis, from atop the awesome Angola Rest Stop Overpass

Dave conquers the 'Pass.

This is one of the best shots I've ever taken. For one, it's at the Angola Rest Stop. For two, Dave looks almost as dumbfounded as Fred Durst. For three, you see Dave, Denny, Destiny's Child, and Pat Summerall (TV) in one room. For four, excellent lighting. For five, the spacing! I'm a genius.

I paid too much for my Crispy Chicken sandwich.

Today I went to Canisius for some transcripts. They're doing construction outside.

The new residence hall

I don't know if you should smile for a picture like this. A picture with your fly down, maybe. But not this.

Then I walked through Forest Lawn. Here are some fun and exciting pictures from the cemetery.

"Tanke" is Austrian for "impotent".

Considering the facts I feel doubly bad for this guy.

It sounds like he's trying to overcome inadequacies. It doesn't help that he's buried right next to a former President.

My favorite.

Why are the Jews in Section Z?

Today, for the first time, the dog walked to the one mile marker on the bike path.

The end.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Flame Warriors

Home of the Flame Warriors

Jeff was in town to see Megan's graduation. Jeff is on the left, and Megan is trying not to be on the right. As you will see, get-togethers have become a bad excuse to take pictures of other people . . . taking pictures.

We went to Duff's. The medium wings were hot!

Jeff recounts his famous "scuba diving" dream.

Joe looks for a good place to pose.

Jeff prepares to take Joe's picture.

Then we went to a driving range. I had a coupon! Now everybody owes me $2.20.

Megan checks out Jeff's camera, while Dave, Jeff, and Joe pose for a "Faith + 1" album cover.

The Bob-O-Link Golf Club sign.

Joe runs to take a picture of the sign! Hurry, it's getting away!

That's it. Bye.