Wednesday, December 29, 2004

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Southern Voice Online

I don't want to write an opinion of this piece. However I would like to complain about finding it on the front page of Google News. The article is clearly a blog, not "news". Opinions are fine but one look at Southern Voice's homepage tells you that you already know the author's point of view. I wonder how I can make suggestions to the Google Folks.

Anyway, today's halfarsed opinion concerns coverage of the Indian Ocean disaster. I don't watch much American TV news, but what I've seen of British coverage is a bit sad. True, travel in disaster zones is difficult. That's still no excuse to interview only British vacationers who can't get an airplane out of the country. When there are a couple thousand resort dwellers complaining about a holiday gone bad, that's rough, but surrounding them are hundreds of villages where people had no decent housing in the first place. Now, with some Europeans worrying about how to get off private islands to their well-built homes abroad, it'd be a good show of sympathy for them to consider how their temporary neighbors don't have homes at all. I find it difficult to sympathize with families that can afford Christmas flights to India anyway, especially considering those families are still alive. Meanwhile, their bellhop and five-year-old daughter are being buried in a mass grave in the backyard. That part DID make it onto the news.

In related misperceptions, President Clinton described the disaster as something like a horror movie. Wow, it looks so real it's like it's really happening! Meanwhile President Bush--himself on vacation--announced we would bump up our humanitarian aid to $35 million, about as much as the budget for a cheap horror film. Assuming there are 275 million Americans, that means we're donating a little under 13 cents per person. Ever wish you were paying more taxes?

My typographical diarrhea reminds me of the Beck song "Tropicalia". I will reprint the lyrics below without permission.

"When they beat
Upon a broken guitar
And on the streets
They reek of tropical charms
The embassies lie in hideous shards
Where tourists snore and decay

When they dance in a reptile blaze
You wear a mask
An equatorial haze
Into the past
A colonial maze
Where there's no more confetti to throw

You didn't know what to say to yourself
Love is a poverty you couldn't sell
Misery waiting in vague hotels
To be evicted

You're out of luck
You're singing funeral songs
To the studs
They're anabolic and bronze
They seem to strut
In their millennial fogs
'Til they fall down and deflate

You didn't know what to say to yourself
Love is a poverty you couldn't sell
Misery waiting in vague hotels
To be evicted

Now you've had your fun
Under an air-conditioned sun
It's burned into your eyes
Leaves you plain and left behind
See them eyes and fall
Into the jaws of a pestilent love

You didn't know what to say to yourself
Love is a poverty you couldn't sell
Misery waiting in vague hotels
To be a victim"

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Steve Zissou

An extremely haughty Ed Snyder came to Buffalo for the holidays to much fanfare.


Lindsay Lohan loves hot dogs.

So does Terry Bradshaw

$4.20. I was bored.

Sunday, December 26, 2004


We got a puppy. Here's a ton of pictures.











ROC on.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

New World Record Now Accepting Chain Competitor's Gift Certificates & Cards

New World Record

"Did you get a gift certificate or card from Walmart, Borders, FYE, Barnes & Noble, Target, Circuit City, Best Buy or any other big box national chain store that carries music or video? Do you prefer to shop locally - or maybe you'd like something out of the ordinary that those stores just don't carry? Do you expect to encounter friendly, knowledgeable sales people? Then bring that music or video national chain gift card or certificate to New World Record. We'll gladly exchange it for it's full amount on any merchandise we sell: CDs, DVDs, gift items or just about anything else in the store! (Sorry, tickets are excluded). Support an independent locally owned business and let New World help you get what you really want this year!

"If you’ve got a card you want to swap, but you’re not sure if we’ll take it, just give us a call. And when you bring in a gift card to exchange, just bring it up to the counter before you begin shopping. We'll have a New World store credit waiting for you when you're ready to check out."

Thursday, December 23, 2004

My father sent me these pictures in a forward that said they were from France. If you know anything about them be sure to comment. If real, well, that sucks.









Nic Fits Misc Pix

While I'm at it, here are some recent additions to my Miscellaneous Pictures folder. As you can see, the recent election led to some interesting internet files.

More like you sat on it!

We found him in a spider hole in the Sunni Triangle.

If you don't like this one . . .

You won't like this one either.

"And now the NBC Nightly News, with Brian Williams."

This is what the Internet was MADE for.

Explains the hole in my monitor.

Duct tape & Cover

Protester protesting the protesters, from before the Second Iraq Invasion.

But would they eat the 3-eyed fish?

When I grow up, I'm going to Bovine University.

"I am Sofa King Wee Todd Ed!"

And charts. Whatever. I like the last one best.



I went out with some folks for the evening. We ate some stuff and drove around the suburban tundra. But mostly everyone else went ice skating while I . . . well, they tried to help. The gang took most of the pictures while I tried not to slip and fall on my head, or worse, on my butt. If anyone feels embarrassed to be on my blog, just remember who looks worse :)

Baby steps. For a BABY.

Dawn held my arm most of the night. She saved my life, so now we're getting married.


In a Colorful Hat contest, everyone wins.

But switching hats may cause problems.

Full-contact co-ed ice-wrestling.

More of that. You guys took these pictures, not me.

I gained a deep appreciation for walls.

Joe also helped an old man out.

Dave blocked access to the wall so I'd "learn faster". I shocked Dave by skating THROUGH him.

Oh, great. I'll remember that hotel next time I'm staying in the area.

Covering our backs.


I can't tell if Joe is behind Dave or in front of him.

The cover to Joe's solo album.

Dual homo shenanigans.

Who took this one?


Naomes' right cheek, for future forensic files. I know "Naomes" is not Naomi's real name, but "Naomes" just sounds more fun to say.


Vehicle of the Gods

Person: "Hey Fred, are there ever pictures you DON'T post on your blog?" Fred: "Just the redundant ones."

At Antoinnette's, (sp?) Davey-Poo (definitely correct sp) ordered Marshmallow sauce a la mode.

Naomes and Dawnna work out a Peanut Butter Solution.

On the left, photographs before World War I. On the right, photographs taken after.

So good . . . so rich . . . we surrendered to flavor.