Friday, June 30, 2006

This better not be the new Sabres logo. Go back to the original uniform!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sleater-Kinney RIP

The Official Website of Sleater-Kinney

They have several shows left to play, but my favorite band is breaking up. Disappointing, yes. At least my friends understand:

JoeBlowz: haaaaaaaaaaaa
JoeBlowz: hahahahaha
TomServo0: thanks for the support

EunuchJeff: haha - your favorite band is DONE
EunuchJeff: haha - so what - a subpar band that you like is breaking up - who cares?

TomServo0: ARGH
TomServo0: and then SK breaks up
EdPolPot: yeah :) not your day
EdPolPot: hey I gotta jet
EdPolPot: I just cooked dinner

Screen names have been changed to confirm their personalities.

If that isn't enough evidence of cultural entropy, consider the opening and closing of the following graduation speech. It is by this year's class president of my old high school and copied exactly as printed by the local paper.

As Jeff Foxworthy says - Welcome yo'all. Thank you Mr. DeCarli, Board of Education, Mr. Lu, Mrs. Strauss, faculty, staff, parents, family and friends for coming tonight to celebrate with us. Many of you know my favorite saying is Get R'Done, and I feel "that" saying captures what we have accomplished in these last 4 years at Akron.

. . .

"We take our skills, our talents, all our strengths - all that we have learned over the years, we take this to an unknown future." (italics) Yet our goal remains the same - Getting R' Done. To the Class of 2006 - thanks for the good times. It's been fun knowen ye'all. Best of luck! See yaw at ten year. Thank You!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Death By Sexy

Because I can, here's the Eagles Of Death Metal video for "I Want You So Hard", with special guests.

Here's the Making Of. Who wants to see them with me in Toronto on July 18?

Finally, the video for Bubba Sparxxx's "Ms. New Booty". Two words: Booty Church.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Wait For It . . .

Yesterday I gave my first Buffalo Tour as a docent for, well, Buffalo Tours. Joe "Still Had To Pay" Ferguson brought his camera along.

That's my brand new hat! Comfy!

Tonight, Joe and Dawn--whom I like to call Fergagee--tried Fat Bob's Smokehouse. This pig welcomed us at the front door. Dawn ordered the Pulled Pork Butt and got her revenge.

Then we went driving around downtown. What does this mural supposed to stand for, anyway?

We heard this is Buffalo Bills quarterback J.P. Losman's new house. Here's hoping he gets a diligent landscaper.

Our travels led us to the ruins of the Buffalo Central Terminal. Here Joe leaves a clue. Does that sign say "FARKing"?

A train full of garbage passes through

Future site of the downtown casino. We're such an international city.

The Beetles - Letter B

Dave and I went to the free Blues Traveler show in downtown Buffalo. The crowd was so big (40,000?) that the city had to shut down rail service. I don't know that guy in the blue but he seems nice enough.

If you look closely, you can see crowdsurfers.

The only good shot we could get of John Popper. We tried catching him as he came offstage but the camera's strap blocked the lens. Nice work, Dave!

Another member of the band (sorry, not a big fan) signing autographs outside the tour bus

Sorry to this woman, as I tried to take a picture of the crowd but the flash went off later than expected. Stare at those dots for a while and see what happens. . . .

Subway service resumes. You can see inbound and outbound trains on either side of the pole. It looks dingy but we're just happy the place is populated.

I like this shot, too.

City Hall, currently under renovation.

Later, Dave and I thought we'd try out University Hots downtown. You can see video of me eating (whooee!) in an earlier post.

Before (heartburn)

After (stomachache)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fred Eats A College Plate

Drunk Guy Tazered By Cop

Known in Rochester, New York as a Garbage Plate at Nick Tahoe's, University Hots in Buffalo, New York calls it a College Plate. This is a Cheeseburger College Plate consisting of macaroni salad, french fries, two cheeseburger patties, ample helpings of ketchup, mustard, onions, and hot sauce, with a healthy serving of meat sauce on the top. It looks like barf and, supposedly, tastes like heaven. We have to stop hanging out with this Fred guy. He's disgusting and eats large portions of absolute crap.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

That's What You Get For Spying

Chicago Tribune: What the heck is a `beef on weck'?

Pitchfork Media recently posted a list of 100 Awesome Music Videos. I highly suggest you check it out as all the videos are post as well (via YouTube) For the uninitiated, Pitchfork is a music review site full of pretentious writers with penchants for drawn-out metaphors and hyperbolic emotional attachments to the latest Swedish trance EP imports. Or whatever. Check out David Cross' excellent parody review as well.

Here are three of their choices that happen to favorites of mine as well (By the way, no Smashing Pumpkins videos?)

Blur, "Coffee & TV"

Ol' Dirty Bastard, "Got Your Money"

Radiohead, "Just"

Van Halen, "Hot For Teacher"

Monday, June 19, 2006



It all comes down to Game 7, tonight! Posted by Picasa

Helen Whitwell @ 100

Custom Made Toilet Paper

Today was Helen Whitwell's 100th birthday party. If you don't know Helen Whitwell your life is a sham.

The secret, Helen says, is goat's milk. I was really hoping it'd be doughnuts.

The party started rocking with bagpipes

Free pinwheel pencils

Here are two photos of Jerry and Marg; one good, one awesome.

Here are two more pictures of HW. There must have been 150-200 people at the party.

Afterwards we went to the grandfather's for Father's Day. This is my uncle and aunt's dog (right).

8 pounds of ACTION

Hannah said she'd kill me if I posted this.

How much do you know about . . .

. . . historic Buffalo and its fabulous architecture?

Check out the above link for more info. I'll be giving my first Buffalo Tour on the 24th. I probably would have been at that lunch but I skipped out to get a much-needed night's sleep.

. . . grammar? This picture is from the Allentown Art Festival. While some think it's petty (because it is), I remain firmly cheesed against people who mess up apostrophes. Even worse, people who mess up apostrophes and then make big, costly signs. Mmm . . . firm cheese.

Look at this Frodo Graph

Every time I do it makes me laugh

Hey fans. Last weekend, Joe, Kazu, Scott and I checked out the Allentown Art Festival. It was the shiz. To prep for our awesome day, Joe washed and waxed his car. He would pay for his piety.

We parked a ways a way and got to experience a little urban strolling. Who doesn't want a little "in and out"?

Bubble Person welcomed us to the Festival.

The place was packed! Two hundred thousand people came to the show! None of them looked at my camera.

We tried out those fried Oreos; they tasted like cupcakes. What I especially like is the "Please Do Not Sit On Apple" sign, ignored by this policeman.

Joe fulfills his sinister urge for Italian Sausage

The old Quaker church, now refurbished as a . . . refurbished Quaker church, I guess.

The Party Cube. I once did this guy in 38 seconds.

Ani DiFranco's The Church, coming soon

The Buffalo Police have suffered a lot from recent budget cuts. Not that I'm making fun of the size of their car or anything.

Some sidewalk art . . .

. . . and the alleged artist.

Scott fell madly in love with this street dancer. I say, get off the street and get a job!

In keeping with the small cars theme, here's a 5-foot tall UPS truck. The only way we can thwart terrorism is to make smaller delivery vehicles. Smaller trucks, smaller bombs, y'know?

Three cool dudes . . . are not in this photograph! (That joke was submitted by 7-year-old Suzie Jenkins of Parkersburg, West Virginia.)

I have never captured the elusive Lance Diamond on film. Here he is blocked by three middle-aged goofballs.

There! There he is! In the hat! The hardest working man in Buffalo!

When we got back to Joe's car it had been vandalized by birds. That's what you get for washing and waxing. And poop on the handle, too. Dang.

We then met up with Dave, and an idea hatched: hockey. Scott explored the deepest recesses of his garage to find a goal and some goalie gear. That's a whole boat buried on your left.

Four uncool dudes search for the ball I lost on my very first shot. You can see video of the fun in a previous post.

Photo of the Year