Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Oh No

I was thinking about my weblog, as I often do, and decided that I didn't want to do it anymore. It was fun enough, but then I got busier and more bored. I'm surprised people read the stupid thing, actually. Anyway, after this semester ends I think I'll start a newsletter-type E-mail thing instead. So rather than one post a day, I'll do a weekly something-or-other. Maybe I'll call it "Fredline News." Maybe I won't, so there! But in either case I will still post it here on my blog board after it goes out. If you want it, just send me your E-mail address, but chances are you're going to get one anyway. I can't think of any strangers that read these entries. So I'll conclude on that note...wait, no I won't. Friday is my birthday; everybody should give me gifts I don't deserve. I feel relieved already. Thanks for reading so far...


Wednesday, April 02, 2003

CD: White Stripes, "Elephant"

I just wrote this in an E-mail to someone else, but it was a pretty good summary of my day:

"OK, so I went to UB because some friends and I bought tickets to a concert a long time ago and Joe was going to sell an extra one we had to someone he knows, and I had to bring him the extra ticket. I was going to use their library anyway to do homework, and be there all day. So I met him at Best Buy (we went to buy the new White Stripes album as well) and he says "Fred, my muffler fell off!" Sure enough, it was gone. So we buy our CDs, and Joe has to go to UB for a meeting, so we decide that he'll take the car to a garage later, and I'll take him home from there. After a couple of hours, he calls my cell phone from the parking lot (I knew it'd come in handy!) and says "Fred, your tire is flat." Sure enough, it was flat. So we decide to take off the tire, put it in Joe's car, and see if the garage can help us both out. It ends up being too late, so Joe tells the guy he'll leave the car there overnight, and we go looking for another tire place. We find one and give them the tire, and it happened to be across the street from Guitar Center so we paid my brother a visit at work. We also played on the keyboards. (Whee!) The tire place calls me on my cell phone (I knew it'd come in handy!) and says my tire is too messed up to get fixed. I call my father (handy!) and ask his advise; he says I should buy two tires for the car if the place is open long enough to put them on. We go back to UB to get my car, and too late, the place is closing. So we drop off Joe's car at the other garage, and we're hungry, so we go to Duff's. We both order the 20-wing Combo Meal that comes with a bowl of fries and a pitcher of pop. I eat all of mine and am very proud. Joe can only eat half of his, but somehow he makes fun of my accomplishments. The nerve! So then I drop him off, and here I am at Buff State, almost nine hours later than when I said I would start my homework, with one of those dinky little spare tires attached to my car. I'll probably be home around 3 AM."

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

CD: Creedence Clearwater Revival, "Chronicle"

Mmm...swearing. It seems that swearing is funnier when you don't say the words. On The Osbournes in Britain, nothing is censored out, and the ratings are lower. Maybe people just like to think harsh words but not hear them. I also think that TV networks, et cetera do not want to offend anyone, even though everybody has heard those words a million times before and it probably doesn't shock anyone anymore. Then you get people that like to swear but don't want to say the words, so they create banal substitutes. "Oh Sugar" is something my father says a lot. I'm still waiting for the day when he's actually talking about sugar: "Oh Sugar! I forgot to buy some sugar!" Something like that.

Maybe that's a bad example. I have a pastor that says "Oh Dog" in conversation. I think that's the worst, especially since he has a dog. I wonder what she thinks about being cursed with? Poor Pebbles.