Monday, May 23, 2005

The Problem With Music

by Steve Albini

CZUP everybody?! Here are some pix from the past few days.

Oh, the fun Dave and I had in Jamestown.

Jeff and a very drunk Megan enjoy Texas Hots at Johnny's.

At the Chautauqua Institution, a scale model of Israel but with much more grass.

Footwear by the House of Gross

The Athenaeum Hotel, which is very important.

Old people. Jeff's birthday is tomorrow.

The performance hall, also very important/famous/old.

Dave checks out the ferns.

Dave stops to smell the flowers.

Campfire at the O'Connors'

The O'Connors, keepers of the fire.

Marshmallow soup, with an Ash garnish.





Semis, from atop the awesome Angola Rest Stop Overpass

Dave conquers the 'Pass.

This is one of the best shots I've ever taken. For one, it's at the Angola Rest Stop. For two, Dave looks almost as dumbfounded as Fred Durst. For three, you see Dave, Denny, Destiny's Child, and Pat Summerall (TV) in one room. For four, excellent lighting. For five, the spacing! I'm a genius.

I paid too much for my Crispy Chicken sandwich.

Today I went to Canisius for some transcripts. They're doing construction outside.

The new residence hall

I don't know if you should smile for a picture like this. A picture with your fly down, maybe. But not this.

Then I walked through Forest Lawn. Here are some fun and exciting pictures from the cemetery.

"Tanke" is Austrian for "impotent".

Considering the facts I feel doubly bad for this guy.

It sounds like he's trying to overcome inadequacies. It doesn't help that he's buried right next to a former President.

My favorite.

Why are the Jews in Section Z?

Today, for the first time, the dog walked to the one mile marker on the bike path.

The end.

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