Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long

bing bing bang a bang a bang bing bong bing a bing bang a bong
binga bing a bang a bong bong bing bong bing banga bong


It's was cool to see the old Central Terminal full of people. How did they do it?

Beer. Magnificient beer. Is there anything beer can't do? Can God make a Rolling Rock so heavy that He himself can't drink it?

L to R: An easily amused Joe, Sheila . . .

. . . Li and Scott. And Sausage.

This, still, is not enough cowbell.

Li takes more pictures than I do!


This picture was wrong and I apologize.

Looks like someone used all the toilet paper.

A still amused Joe, as Li and Farmer John look on.

Not only did Sheila plan ahead and wear a "Frankfurt" shirt to Oktoberfest, she smartly added a grip to her drink as well. Kudos!

There he goes again!

The H. H. Richardson Complex beckoned us ever closer as the clock struck midnight.

The next morning I went back to the Terminal to assist in a tour of the building. About 50-60 people showed up.

BCT on a Sunday morning.


Not long ago I dragged a couple people into Parkside Candies because I'd never been there before.

Joe was one of those people. Boy, was he impressed.

Then we went to St. Catharine's for a Danko Jones show. This is the view from the parking garage, but not a view of Danko Jones. To sound more confusing, I'm not sure who took this picture. Joe and I shared cameras.

The Mansion Tavern is touted as the "oldest licensed bar in Canada." That must mean that somewhere in Canada there's an UNlicensed bar that's even older.

toy boat toy boat toy boat toy boat toy boat


Danko taunts one of the freeloaders in the parking ramp. One would get revenge by throwing a bucket of water on the band. Thanks for taking away our encore, jerks.

In conclusion, that was my eighth Danko Jones show. And the fourth that ended at Denny's.

198, million

Taking these pictures on the Scajaquada is almost as hard as spelling "Scajaquada."

Jesse "The Devil" Hughes concurs.

Remember September?

'Cuz I don't! My computer crashed a month ago, and with three different jobs I haven't had the time to catch up. Let's back way up. . . . Here's Mayor Byron Brown introducing Sloan at Thursday at the Square. The guy on the left is his own ventriloquist!

Sloan, rockin'

A broken news crawl outside of City Hall

Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf**king snakes at the motherf**king coffeehouse!

About a week later, I got into the Darwin Martin House for free. I used to have this Tree of Life design on a tee-shirt when I was twelve. Maybe I've revealed too much.

One of the best ways to frame a photo is to take a picture entirely of frames.

A honkin' big mirror

Reconstruction of the other wing. We got to climb up the ladder, whoo!

A model of what the house will look like. It will be extremely costly to build a glass case that big.

The landscaping is supposed to be done in about a week. Who wants to take bets?

Mollie and Jake check out the greenhouse.

Stagnant water + electrical wires = fun in the basement

A model of the Larkin Administration Building (just pretend you're interested).

Saturday, September 09, 2006