Friday, September 26, 2003

FREDLINE NEWS for Friday, 26 September 2003


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I lost my shampoo bottle in a hotel room in Chicago right after I checked out. After going back to the front desk to ask if they'd seen anything while cleaning up, a delightful cleaning lady appeared like Tinkerbell out of nowhere and let me down a maze of corridors to the secret lair of the maintenance department, a Never-Never Land where lost items remain forever young. She let me look through a locker overflowing with pirate treasure, but alas, no Eckerd-brand $1.19 Value Size. Then came the magic words: "Take whatever you want."

There were clothes and towels, but that seemed a little shady. I didn't come to loot, after all, I came for 'poo, so I grabbed the only bottle I could find. There it was. Pantene Pro-V 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner Classic Clean 400 mL (13.5 FL OZ). The last month has been a renaissance. Pantene's enriched "Pro-Vitamin" formula keeps my normal hair lustrous and healthy-looking from roots to ends. It cleans without stripping and conditions with balanced moisture in one step. My hair stays balanced, strong, healthy-looking, responding to my hair's structure to help bring out the beauty that's mine alone. Now all I have to do is dispense product into palm and rub hands together, apply shampoo to wet hair, massaging scalp with fingertips in a rotating motion, work lather through to ends, rinse thoroughly, and repeat if desired, and all is right with the world. I use it daily. Even better, I know that it's gentle enough to use on my permed or color-treated hair. Yes. Yes, yes, yes.
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--UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan does not have an alpaca ranch in Arkansas. He sold it in 1983.

--A recent obituary claims that Ms. Greta Pellington of Tonawanda died this Tuesday. The publication of this pre-written obituary was unfortunate, as she is still very much alive and kicking, buried with her coffin.

--The FREDLINE NEWS Editorial Department greatly regrets its coarse reply to a letter sent in by a Joshua D. of Buffalo, who after describing himself as a "nonpracticing Unitarian" got the response, "Isn't that an oxymoron?" The staff does not apologize for the error.

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Special congratulations go to Michaela Pereira of TechTV for winning the FREDLINE NEWS Anchorette Award for September 2003. A member of the TechTV news team since 1998, this fabulous adopted Canadian has made inspecting gadgets the best thing on television since...since "Inspector Gadget" was on television! Check out an eerie stalker pic page at today!

That's all for now, see you in October.
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TomServo0: JEFF
jeff80: DERF
TomServo0: SUP
jeff80: not much, yo
TomServo0: here also is another benefit of AOL:
TomServo0: "Hear Hillary Duff's New CD: 'Metamorphosis' is on AOL but not in stores, Listen!"
jeff80: lol
TomServo0: HEY
TomServo0: english question
jeff80: HEY SHOOT
TomServo0: what goes first in alphabetical order, "I've" or "in"
TomServo0: i guess i could look at a dictionary for this, huh
jeff80: depends --- there are dictionaries that do it both ways --- i'd put i've first
TomServo0: do you think it's 2 words?
jeff80: yeah
TomServo0: i think it's one
TomServo0: but i'd say the apostrophe precedes letters
jeff80: is "i have" one word or two?
TomServo0: "con·trac·tion n.
A word, as won't from will not, or phrase, as o'clock from of the clock, formed by omitting or combining some of the sounds of a longer phrase.
The formation of such a word."
jeff80: i don't buy it
jeff80: because in academic writing you can't use contractions because they're just viewed as abbreviations
TomServo0: that doesn't mean they're not singular words, it just suggests they're informal
TomServo0: "Edward80: I would say perhaps an expression. Its like 1.5 words" "TomServo0: that's stupid"
jeff80: lol
TomServo0: "Edward80: Well, its not one word, and not quite two" "TomServo0: get off the fence, ed!"
TomServo0: the intelligencia needs you now
jeff80: you're really bored, aren't you?
TomServo0: "Edward80: Okay, one word. that is my opinion" "TomServo0: YES! i win!"
jeff80: i'm still saying 2 words
TomServo0: geez, and you're an english major
TomServo0: EVERYBODY knows a contraction is one word
TomServo0: unless they're less than three minutes apart, then they are about to be 2
jeff80: ?
jeff80: i just gave ed the ultimate defense of 2 words
TomServo0: send it over
jeff80: "Edward80: I say one, because there is no space or gap between the two words
jeff80: but the apostrophe says that a space exists, unlike a compound word, where the words blend together
Edward80: good point jeff80: plus, there are no apostrophes when you play scrabble!"
TomServo0: ah, jeff, how many words are in this sentence: "Bob's car is red."
jeff80: that's a possessive
jeff80: completely different
TomServo0: it's an apostrophe
jeff80: but it does't denote that something's missing
TomServo0: in a contraction, yes. but it creates an entirely new word while still referring to a phrase
jeff80: no
jeff80: what's the difference between Dr. and doctor
TomServo0: what if they'd decided to spell "Dr." "D'r"?
TomServo0: (that's a red herring)
jeff80: yeah - i know
TomServo0: Dr. and doctor are two different words that mean almost the same thing
TomServo0: and one can't be used in scrabble, but so what?
jeff80: what is the point of this conversation, anyhow?
TomServo0: to discuss the 2 word proposition!
TomServo0: and NOW, because i'm winning the argument, you're clintoning out!
jeff80: no - because i never was really involved fully - since i'm working on important stuff
TomServo0: mmhmm
TomServo0: this will probably go in the next fredline news
TomServo0: speaking of important stuff