Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Amazon.com: DVD: Season 1 (1993)

My people! Pete & Pete is now on DVD! Just yesterday someone asked me "What happened to that Pete & Pete show? They should put it on DVD." And now, because Nickelodeon can read my mind, here it is. As long as they're paying attention, where's You Can't Do That On Television? That show was great. It was even better for me because my parents wouldn't let me watch it (Barth was a bad influence, I guess).


Joe said...

What do you think's in the burgers?

Carlie said...

omg I saw the ad yesterday - I'm so excited!

I especially loved when Ellen "Became the dot" and the weird alien guy who loved Johnny Unitas.

I think about the episode with the red light/bus incident frequently.