Tuesday, February 15, 2005

TomServo0's Undescriptive Album Reviews, Part Q

Quick 'n Dirty:

B.B. King: "How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964-1994" [2 discs]

Havin' the blues, I say havin' the blooooooza for nea' thirty years must be something. King plays something like 300 shows a year (sometimes two a day) but each of these tracks sounds like he's still feelin' it. The guest female vocalists are great, too. Highly recommended.

Judas Priest: "Metal Works '73-'93" [2 discs]

I don't remember these guys being popular. Was it really a shock when the singer came out of the closet? Seriously, all these songs are about wearing leather, going to bars, having dirty secrets, and not knowing what to do with the "love rocket between my thighs". I THINK that's what he said. It's halfway decent metal if you're into it but songs rely too heavily on riffs, getting formulaic after a while. He hits those high notes like a choirboy with a handlebar moustache.

The Who: "Quadrophenia" [2 discs]

I saw The Who live and they put on an awesome show. What I want to know is, if Pete Townshend is one of the greatest guitarists in the world, why is this album full of KEYBOARDS? The sense of overwhelming the rock lover with keyboards is the same as if that same rock lover sat on his own balls. You can tolerate it, but not for ninety minutes. I kind of understood Tommy but I'm clueless as to what this one's about. (Ed, help?) Something about being a rock star, and something something. I'd skip it.

Hendrix [Band Of Gypsies]: "Live At The Fillmore East" [2 discs]

Some of the last ever heard of Hendrix. It's basically a looser version of The Experience with songs from his unfinished, last album. If you're really into Jimi Hendrix it's worth your time, but it can drag on. Had I been to those shows, however, I probably wouldn't shut up about them.

Nirvana: "Loose Ends" [3 discs]

Some Nirvana fans collected all known unreleased bootleg songs not on the Nirvana box set and offered this for free on BitTorrent. Not much here for casual fans, but interesting is the half-hour "Montage Of Heck". Kurt Cobain put this sound collage together for no other reason than boredom, I guess. You can hear children's records, scruffy bits of Nirvana demos, random television channels, and of course Simon & Garfunkel. A choppy edit of Eddie Van Halen's "Eruption" also makes an appearance. I burned this collection with some alternate-source material for the box set, including "Opinion" without the noticeable editing cut (which ruins it, I think) and with the radio interview at the beginning.

The Police: "Message In A Box: The Complete Recordings" [4 discs]

It really IS the complete recordings, and that's just plain awesome. Some of these B-sides are perverted, but who cares? And that's all I have to say about that.

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