Saturday, February 05, 2005

Out With The Old

These pants had to go. I think they're from high school. I used these as pajamas the last couple of years, but last week I got my left cheek-hole caught in a doorknob. It was a good enough sign that I had to "let go".

These are my old headphones from right before college. As you can see, they've been intolerable since then. Last week, shortly after my doorknob tore me a new one, the right side of the brace snapped in half. Then, while it laughed at me, the left ear shorted out.

These are my new headphones. Snug fit, heavy bass, detachable wires and ears, freakin' awesome sound Argh Argh Argh.

This is my old phone. I got caught in a car door once, and lately it's been shutting off for no reason. I think only certain kinds of birds can hear who's talking on the other end.

This is my new, *free* phone. It has speaker phone, vibrates, and about fifty other things I could care less about. Oh, and it works! The end.

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