Monday, February 21, 2005

Cheap CDs? Library beckons

Buffalo News

In less than 10 minutes I'll have been awake in three different days. I've been sleepless since 5:30 PM on August 20, and it's almost 12:01 AM August 22.

I have a flexible schedule, and because of it I am able to go to bed later and later without missing much in the way of plans. Four AM. Five. Seven. A few nights ago I went to bed at noon. Today I figured I should be like most other people, stay up all day and go to bed at a normal hour (12:01 AM sounds pretty normal to me). After three loads of laundry, two weeks of dishes and six hours of classes, I'm ready for bed. Two liters of Diet Pepsi are helpless against this one. See you in the morning.

Err, I mean February 20/22. Hrm.

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Joe said...

Don't you mean February 20 and February 22, not August?