Friday, February 25, 2005

Rocky Mountain News

"Loving" Farewell To Writer

TomServo0 (11:02:41 PM): is it really friday?
Dawn (11:03:23 PM): yes why
TomServo0 (11:03:35 PM): because i just found out!!
Dawn (11:03:42 PM): are you serious
TomServo0 (11:03:46 PM): yes!!
TomServo0 (11:03:54 PM): what happened to thursday?
Dawn (11:04:14 PM): what do you mean?
Dawn (11:04:21 PM): did you sleep through it?
TomServo0 (11:04:36 PM): wow. i totally don't remember a whole day
TomServo0 (11:04:50 PM): i didn't take out the garbage
Dawn (11:05:34 PM): thats scary
Dawn (11:05:56 PM): you need to get a girlfriend
TomServo0 (11:06:03 PM): well, duh
TomServo0 (11:06:18 PM): but that doesn't explain a missing 24 hours
Dawn (11:08:18 PM): if you had a girlfriend she would call you and you would be aware of the day
TomServo0 (11:09:46 PM): not from my experience
Dawn (11:09:56 PM): ?
TomServo0 (11:10:38 PM): but shouldn't i know what day it is anyway? this is really odd. i know i was really tired this week, but this is . . . really odd.
Dawn (11:10:50 PM): i think you blacked out
TomServo0 (11:12:10 PM): i must have had a girlfriend, and she beat me senseless
Dawn (11:17:42 PM): maybe

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