Monday, June 21, 2004


I'm extremely pissed today, and for all the right reasons. Let's go back to my workplace, about a year ago, and I can explain myself.

Last summer a position opened where I work. Instead of the variable hours everyone usually gets, this one remained in the morning. It possibly pays better too, but the more important thing is that I wanted the position, it would have made me more money because I would have been more available, and I was more than qualified to do it. Signs were posted, noting that the job had to be filled immediately and to talk to a manager.

I also had a friend at the time who did not work for the company, but was known by the management (let's call them A and B) and expressed interest shortly before I did (let's call this person C). C had to go out of town. Then, six months passed. In C's absence, C requested I check up on the job for them. Talking to A and B, I made clear C's intention to come back and take the position, even though they kept delaying their return. Since the job had to be filled immediately, I also told them I would take the job until C returned. In those six months, the position was never filled. C took the job, with no prior experience or training, upon their return.

Fast forward another six months, to today. C is leaving, for good, and I am still working for the company as I have for the past five years. D, who has far less experience, training, and education, is now being trained by A, B, and C for the job. There was no job posting. I'm angry because after five years doing night shifts I'm being shafted by both management and co-worker who might have never gotten their job without my help. They have failed to take me into consideration not once, but twice, and maybe on purpose. Today I seriously thought about quitting on the spot.

Then I did some calculations, seeing how I already scheduled a vacation for next month (including buying plane tickets). It would be impossible for me to get another job until the fall, and quitting immediately would give me a loss of $1300 in wages after taxes. That's not much, but it's $1300 more than $0. If I was assured a stationary, full-time schedule (which in my current position is rare) that number would double. Regrettably, in order to not cause any more problems for both myself and other coworkers in the next three months I should probably not even bring this up. I'm just going to quit after Labor Day and not waste another five years in the same stagnant swamp, despite the convenience.


jeff said...


I hear you, man. I hear you. You should be pissed and you shouldn't be so quiet about it. As you finish up there, drop subtle hints (and gradually let them get less subtle). When you leave, make sure you get an exit interview... then go off.

This week, I'm similarly angry. I just got my pay information for next year, and guess what, I'm making the same much I made the previous two years. No raise. All other employees at least get a cost of living raise. And how do I know cost of living has increased? Well, the same Board of Trustees who approved my TA stipend has also approved the 3.5% rent increases for graduate student housing each of the last three years. I have already talked to other TAs, and we already have signs with graphs of graduate student pay and graduate student housing expenses posted on our office doors.

Wow. I didn't mean to write that much. I basically just wrote a blog post in your comments section. Stand up for yourself though; you deserve the job and you know it. Don't let them push you around.

Joe said...

Hey Fred, what template is that? I like it.

jeff said...


Fred's template is minima black, the same one as mine but with the black background view. It looks way better, too. I wish I would have picked it instead of the blue. Adieu!