Saturday, June 12, 2004

As I drove to work today I lamented the fact that I couldn't go to the Akron Sidewalk Sale for yet another year. The Sidewalk Sale is a big Akron event and during the two times I've been able to go, I quite enjoyed it. It's a much smaller-scale Allentown Art Festival (which I also missed). Sadder still was just how nice it was outside today. I kept telling myself how I shouldn't work on Saturdays.

Then I found out I don't. They changed my schedule so for the first time in years, I won't have anything to do on Saturday. I can go to the bloody park, meet some freakin' friends, work on my stinkin' thesis, or do whatever else the heck I want. So what do I do? I go to work and stay there for the extra money. It was actually quite pleasant. Did I just say that? Fudge, I did.

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