Saturday, June 19, 2004

"Some ordinary day!"

--"grade" on following paper

Today officially marks two years since I began writing weblogs. I guess this is an opportune time to upgrade to an actual posting program instead of a message board-based system. But since it takes bloody near forever to move 400 posts, here again is some creative writing from fourth grade. Considering the dominance of the 9/11 Commission in the news, this story should teach us all a deep moral lesson. :)

Oct. 5, 1989


It was just an ordinary day in the red ant colony. It was afternoon, and everybody was coming home from work. John, which is one of those ants, went outside for a little walk. As he was going to come back in he spotted a black ant spy! He ran into the anthill, screaming and shouting as he went. The queen has been having a meeting for three hours now. John had no time to lose.

He ran into a guard at the door of the queen's chamber. The ant was named Big Ant Strong. Strong wouldn't believe anything from a small fry like John. "Hey, Strong, your shirt's inside out!" John said as he rammed himself through the door.

John spotted the secretary of the queen. "Where's (huff) Where's the (puff) the (huff) Where is (puff) Where's the queen?" He asked, catching his breath. The secretary pointed to a sign. It read:


By then the black ants had come in and captured the whole colony. The queen was to blame.

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