Sunday, June 13, 2004

Clothes shopping is a big deal for me, because I do it once every other year or so. Right now, in fact, I am wearing a pair of shorts and a tee shirt I got when in the 5th grade. So you can see my use for a new wardrobe. I tried to switch things up a little. For one--and this is bigger than you might think--ankle socks. After a lifetime of only rocking the tubes, I decided to get a little crazy. For another, instead of earthtones I bought some bright stuff. I have an orange shirt now. Orange! Thirdly, it was important that I bought really loose pants. Normally I buy pants from the 30-32 range, where I fluxuate. On some days certain things fit while others don't. Last year, however, I bought a belt (!), so now I can go a little bigger just in case. These 34s are tres comfortable. Not to mention they ride a little lower! Are you listening, ladies? And these socks are gonna show off some more leg, too!

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