Sunday, June 30, 2002

CD: Radiohead, "Kid A/Amnesiac B-Sides" [mix]

It may be simply because of the area I get my literature from, which happens to be a mostly Catholic, Democrat-run city in a state that normally elects Democrats to federal office. (Hillary Clinton? Who checked her credentials?) In any case I have never read an "alternative" paper touting a mostly rightest viewpoint. I don't have any problems with the left--well, actually I have problems with both the right AND the left--but it would be nice every once in a while to be able to pick up a paper and NOT see the A to Z on how Bush is destroying the country/economy/environment singlehandedly, and how Dick Cheney is part of a vast right-wing conspiracy to support terrorism and the oil industry and kill our precious children who, of course, would never vote for a Republican. When it comes to weeklies or other non-mainstream media, it is either moderate liberal (e.g. "Blue Dog") or socialist/Marxist. In a recent count I found 3 of each kind at a university. As for right-wing representation? Zero. Been that way for (at least) five years. Is the media really that liberal? Is this a nationwide phenomena? Is the right so entrenched in the ideology of status quo that it finds no reason to synthesize political thought with day-to-day, public conversation? Is the intelligencia of this country so far left they fail to quantify the maxims of Republicanism (that they stole under the Clinton/Gore administration)? Am I making any sense here? When it comes to political discussion, all I want is A) levity and B) brevity.

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