Sunday, June 23, 2002

Album: Bjork: Selmasongs

I work with a group of students from the Czech Republic. Though I do not converse with them often, I have learned some of their views on American culture and politics. Most I already knew, but it was nice to hear them come from the mouths of actual foriegners.

1.) Everyone in America must have a car to survive. Everything is so far apart, it would be impossible to exist without one.

2.) Cars, however, are very inexpensive, and almost anyone can afford one. Gas is extremely cheap and the driver's tests are short and uncomplicated (Czechs must test for several hours with a uniformed policeman in the car).

3.) Public transportation in America is absolute crap. New York City is an exception.

4.) Everything is bigger here. Portions of food, lawns, suburban sprawl, roads, people. There is a lot of room.

5.) There are more abandoned buildings, unmowed lawns, and litter here.

6.) George W. Bush is unpopular for a number of reasons. One is his idea of an "Axis of Evil" for terrorism that requires military force as a solution. Another is the Kyoto Treaty, though its failure to be signed is the fault of the entire U.S. Government. The most popular presidents to Europeans are probably Woodrow Wilson and John F. Kennedy, because of their links to European history.

7.) It's a long plane trip.

8.) Nomatter what part of the earth you're from, if you're going to the States you'll travel to Florida at least once. And if you're in Upstate New York, you'll be at Niagara Falls within a week.

9.) The United States does not agree with other countries in world affairs because it is either A) stubborn, B) doesn't know better, or C) doesn't like other countries telling it what to do. It's usually C.

10.) The French are assholes.

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