Tuesday, June 25, 2002

CD: L7, "Smell the Magic"

A real day off! Nothing pressing to do. Sleeping in was great for the constitution, as seen from my previous entry. But how to keep busy? Well, there was that whole "start excersizing" idea I once had, so I went down to the garage to find my bike, check the tire pressure and be on my way to good health and a reunion with nature. Ready to go, I open the door and . . . it's raining. I would've gone in a drizzle but this was just enough to make me turn back. For a minute I stood there under the threshold with a blank stare. "The one time I didn't want an excuse . . . . "

Luckily my new favorite satellite station, WorldLink TV, played several good documentaries about the Zapatista movement and the maquiladoras of Mexico that kept my interest a good part of the evening. But, man, I really wanted to ride my bike!

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