Friday, June 28, 2002

CD: PJ Harvey, "Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea"

The goal tomorrow morning is to send out at least 8 job applications to their respective places of buisness. This, of course, has been my goal every morning since February. On some days I have sent out two or three, but most mornings my field is quite fallow. I have never been fond of applications: one, because of the paperwork, and two, I can't stand self advertisement. But it's mostly the paperwork. Princeton once sent me an application--I never asked for one so that must mean something (?)--and I decided to pass because it was 16 pages long. I only applied to two colleges, and then to only one grad school. They all accepted me, yet I'm sure this is not fear of failure I'm worried about. It's the fear that I'll have to get up in the morning and type out--AGAIN--a list of five references. And then references. "Why do you want to work...?" I don't! Eating just happens to be a prerequisite for homeostasis, and somehow I must support this dirty habit!

You may be asking yourself, "If he's spending so much time on a precocious weblog, why can't he do the same for his precious applications?" Clueless myself. This was my aim with a weblog: get back to the computer and type. About yourself. And get it done by morning!

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