Friday, July 06, 2007

Sam Roberts Band @ TATS

One of my lofty goals this summer was to go to every Thursday At The Square. For the most part I've been disappointed: the music was often too quiet or the place too packed. Was it a beer garden or a free concert? Even the Violent Femmes let me down this year with a much less raucous second appearance. Tonight Sam Roberts turned things around. The audience finally came for the music instead of the beer, and the the SRB responded with another energetic live show. I took some great video of the encore with my new camera. Then the file corrupted itself and died. Here's what I have left:

This is what it looks like when two people don't want their picture taken.

Foot-long Fun Fact: I didn't chew. One bite.

The Sam Roberts Band rocked from the get-go

These two Indian dudes are awesome.

After the show we went to Sweet Tooth for some ice cream. The Jim's Steakout Bubble Guy was at it again.

There's always one memorable person at a show. Usually they spill beer on you or block your view for half the performance. Tonight the memorable person was the Memorial Dancing Lady. Not only did she outperform the band but she picked up several young men half her age. Watch her work her magic!

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