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80 Minutes for 7 July 2007

If the .mp3 links die, hit me up on AIM (TomServo0) and don't hesitate to ask. Keep only the ones you want; cancel anytime.

01 Guns N Roses - Chinese Democracy
Even the Dutch are surprised at this album's slow leak. Yes, this is the REAL title track to the REAL Chinese Democracy album. It might come out some time before I die. Axl tries hard to match the hype and almost succeeds. That doesn't mean the song's any good, just what should be expected.

02 Spoon - Don't Make Me A Target
Spoon's new album comes out soon and this is on it. Overall the album sounds darker. Not too shabby.

03 Percee P - Reverse Part Two
Adult Swim is producing interesting collaborations, not the least of which was the Danger Doom album. This track comes from Chrome Children Vol. 2, chock-full of hip-hop we will never have the privilege of hearing on the radio.

04 Sly and the Family Stone - Sing A Simple Song
Old school.

05 Weezer - Yellow Camaro (03-08-02 Demo)
There are newer, slicker demos of this out there, but I like the garagier feel. I just invented the word "garagier." They should have put songs like this on Make Believe, because Make Believe SUCKED. Brian Bell wrote this!

06 White Stripes - Rag & Bone
I envision a music video for this song becoming a big hit on the Disney Channel. The kids would eat this up. I know Jack is playing a character here but he should let Meg talk more. There aren't many songs about the desire for used toilet seats, are there? (Then again, skip to track 18.)

07 Sammy Stevens - Mini Mall Rap
This summer I will describe cool things as "Just like a Mini Mall."
Dude: "Hey TomServo0, did you see that new Transformers movie?"
TomServo0: It rocked! It was just like a mini mall, hey hey!"

Dude: "What do you think of Jonathan Edwards' presidential aspirations?"
TomServo0: "His enthusiasm is just like a mini mall. Realistically, however, he's flea market."

Here are some people gettin' jiggy to the Mini Mall Rap.

08 Ben Folds Five - Julianne
There's not much to this song except some great sound effects, especially of Ben Folds dragging a garbage bag up the street. "Garbagier."

09 Delta 72 - Are You Ready?
I know very little about this band. This track is from their last release, back in the year 2000, 000. Had they lasted a couple more years and put "The" at the front of their name they might have made a ton of money.

10 National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation - Rappin' With Gas

More about my deep, personal connection to this song in another post. A must-hear. This is part of Dave [Letterman]'s Record Collection on the Late Show as well as the 365 Days Project. Here's what I wrote about it ten years ago.

11 Datarock - Fa-Fa-Fa
Bite me, it's fun.

12 Detroit Cobras - You Don't Knock
The Detroit Cobras are coming to Buffalo next week. Who's interested?

13 Ghostface Killah feat Trife Da God and Mr Maygreen - Good
Since ODB died it seems that Ghostface Killah is the only Wu-Tang solo act worth listening to. And that simile about dangling jewelry is both cringeworthy and crunchy at the same time.

14 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Weapon Of Choice
BRMC is playing the Tralf this month. This song is from their newest album.

15 Kids In The Hall - These Are The Daves I Know
My roommate, Dave, loves this song. He should make it the ring tone to his new phone, don't you think?

16 Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - The Wacky World Of Rapid Transit
Del is my favorite rapper because of his thematic ideas as well as his rhymes and delivery. Check out his deadpan response to the talkative guy at the bus stop. Also buy Deltron 3030 because it's amazing.

17 Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious - Drug Wars
I had no idea these guys were still recording in 1989 so this is up here out of shock more than anything. Here is one of the first socially conscious hip-hop groups at a time when NWA and other anti-social hip-hop groups began their rise. The juxtaposition is just like a mini mall.

18 American Standard - My Bathroom
American Standard makes toilets. Had they made, I dunno, diamonds or something, this would be a gorgeous orchestral piece. If not for the unfortunate "private place" double entendre I could see this in the soundtrack for a early '60s MGM romantic comedy. Like Rappin' With Gas, this was also featured in Dave's Record Collection and the 365 Days Project.

19 Bright Eyes - Out On The Weekend (Neil Young cover live)
This track comes from the new "Lover I Don't Have To Love" single. It's meh. Why doesn't Conor Oberst just CRY already?!

20 Queens of the Stone Age - Allen's Wrench (live 060402)

I'm pretty sure it's Nick Oliveri singing on this bootleg, though sometimes it sounds like Dave Grohl. Next time I'll post a track from the excellent new QOTSA album, promise.

21 Rushnerd - YYZ (8-bit NES Rush cover)
I grabbed this off the source code for a You're The Man Now, Dog entry. The submitter created this himself using a Japanese 8-bit music conversion program he was more than happy to send to me. Instead of Japanese text (which I can't read anyway) the links turned into a jumble of punctuation. Still, props to Rushnerd for the excellent, albeit odd, "cover." Rush played Darien Lake on July 4.

22 Spank Rock - XXXS Speeditupussy (The XXXchange exclusivo remix)
It's catchy. Wrong, but very catchy.

23 Tom Waits - Children's Story
The day Tom Waits was to appear on the Daily Show the ceiling collapsed into the studio's bathroom stall while he occupied it. Somehow I think that event pretty much sums up the mood of Tom Waits' albums. This comes from his 3-CD set of B-sides which I recommend HIGHLY. Oh, and he writes good songs, too.

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