Thursday, July 05, 2007

Detritus pt. 2

I'm so far behind with posting pictures I don't even know when these were taken. In any case, one weekend I went golfing for the first time, among other things. Last week I also bought a new camera; get ready for some 7.1 megapixel action shots in the next few weeks.

This is Scott's new house. He hasn't moved in yet. In the back he has a shed where some guy killed himself. It's probably haunted just like that John Cusack movie.

After a long wait, Joe, Scott and I tried the amazing Wasabi in East Amherst and went all out on by getting the big boat. Delish.

Then we went bowling in Lockport. Lockport! I rocked them all with a 159. Here is an action shot, and by "action shot" I mean "poorly taken."

The next day or so I went golfing at Grover Cleveland. Here, Joe shows off his golf clubs from the 19-freakin'-20s.

Lee aims one at the veterans

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