Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Detroit Cobras @ Mohawk Place

Several weeks ago I checked out the Detroit Cobras at Mohawk, one of the best bar bands you'll ever see. Jack White produced one of their albums, if that means anything to you. A good time was had by all. Dear venue owners: please start Sunday shows earlier. Sure, the ticket said doors opened at 7, but when the headliner gets on stage at 12:10 Monday morning at screws up my whole work week. Here's the band playing "You Don't Knock" from the great Seven Easy Pieces:

Opening band Willowz also rocked a decent set, as well as a sturdy local band called The Found. Overall, three good bands for $12. And there's nothing to do downtown on the weekend?


Detroit Cobras, rockin'

The men's room, unoccupied!

Members of Willowz get down

Dave and Fred outside

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