Monday, July 30, 2007

Jazz Flute!

Today involved about 10 miles of walking, including:

-sidewalk-clogging masses of the intra-Buffalo Garden Walk
-2 seconds of Frisbee with some guys I passed on the street
-being accosted by 3 shady dudes near a subway stop
-a trip to the Erie Basin Marina, walking right in front of Mayor Byron Brown's press conference, in progress
-taking and then giving the tour on the canal district
-getting on the Lois McClure canal schooner and the Buffalo Fire Department's boat
-free soda and cookies because I "looked like that guy giving tours"

Above is a quick and dirty slideshow of pictures I took today. The music is by a group called Millish, who put on a heckuva show at Shannon's Pub tonight. Their show reminded me of a certain scene in Anchorman where Will Ferrell ripped some hot flautist licks. If not for Dave's nose for good events I never would have known about them. I bought their album not just because the show was great (best musicianship in any show I've seen this year!) but because they sold CDs by donation. Prince would be proud. Check 'em out.

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