Thursday, July 12, 2007

Look At This Frodo Graph

The above video is the most consistently searched-for item on my blog. I'm reposting it because the old link died over a year ago.

If you liked the sound of that, this song will sound like heaven:
Justin Timberlake - Love Stoned (Justice Remix)
You know you like it! Don't run away from your feelings!


Brian Emerson said...

Super Funny! Did you make that?

Carla Calderón said...

hey! I was trying to watch the video but I couldn't, and I was wondering if maybe you could e-mail it to me! 'cause I saw it like 2-3 years ago with my cousin and we laughed or heads off! and we would really like to see it again! if you could send it to me, this is my adress: thanks! :)

Bridget Young said...

Anyway you could email me that?
Been searching for days for a friend who needs a laugh...