Monday, July 25, 2005

Welcome to my home page ! Kiss you !!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my page . . .

Carlie's blog (see right column) suggested I try Googlism to see what the World Wide Web thinks of me. I think I will put Googlism on my list of references:

schrock is terrifically adept at harnessing classic rock rhythms in an updated and modern fashion

schrock is interested broadly in synthetic and mechanistic organotransition metal and inorganic chemistry

schrock is a vanguard candidate to shepard the next cycle of renaissance maidens through the thickets of pop music

schrock is board certified in orthopaedic surgery

schrock is mounting an election campaign

schrock is what every christian inspirational artist should represent

schrock is human and universal

schrock is more expensive but has more options

schrock is a classroom teacher that has developed an incredible web site with outstanding resources for teachers

schrock is a retired navy captain

schrock is an exemplary model of what a volunteer can and should be—tirelessly working hundreds of extra hours to ensure that the chaplaincy program remains

schrock is the creator of this page

and my favorite:

schrock is always the right size and color and may be exchanged for fun experiences and fond memories

and my least favorite:

schrock is scheduled for a jury trial to begin august

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Carlie said...

Whoa, should have put a warning on that post about that guy's site....not only did we get to see the sexy Turkish (?) man on the beach in a too-small swimsuit, that action shot of him playing ping pong......geez, I gotta go....