Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Cesspool on the Potomac

I arrived in Washington about 7 PM and immediately went to the National Archives. It's good to check things online because it was the only indoors exhibit open late. Outdoors monuments are open until midnight.

The Articles of Confederation

Page 1 of the Constitution

The Declaration of Independence

The Bill of Rights

Susan B. Anthony's arrest record

Exhibit piece

Washington has my favorite subway system. There were heatstroke warnings and nasty humidity this week so it was much better to stay underground.

A letter to Ronald Reagan

The Washington Monument

From the Lincoln Memorial

Abe is totally looking at your boobs.

Night pictures suck. This is the World War II Memorial.

The FDR Memorial

President Eleanor Roosevelt

Jefferson? BLACK! I knew it!

Whenever I get lost in Washington, I end up here at the Department of Agriculture. Something about the Metro map, I think.

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