Saturday, July 30, 2005

Earth Defence Forces

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For some reason I haphazardly keep old movie stubs, concert tickets, parking passes, et cetera. Last night I pulled out my "files" (more like "mound of scrap papers") and pasted them to some pages. There isn't much I'd like to comment on, though I remember Joe's mother scoring a good discount on that Country Music Hall admission, and that I still have an unused ticket for the Radiohead show somewhere. Fahrenheit 9/11 was, I believe, the first sold-out movie I've been to. Okay, maybe I do have some comments. Anyway, try to pick out the ones where you've gone with me, or which ones you've been to by yourself.

No Doubt was a sweaty, sweaty mob. Eve 6 has always sucked. The Red Hot Chili Peppers played with Stone Temple Pilots, and it was awesome, and Joe and I got out of the Darien Lake parking lot in a record 8 minutes.

Bills quarterback J.P. Lossman sat behind us at the Incubus show. "Hustle & F" is not the sequel to "Meet The F". The Amherst Pepsi Arena was the scene of a shameful "learning to ice skate" incident. Our group got on the Jumbotron 3 times during the Expos vs. Braves game, largely because nobody went to Expos games.

The Rochester Americans played on experimental blue ice during that game. My brother performed in the Drum Corps Show. Then there was the time I went to Minnesota and all Jeff and Ed wanted to do was go to the Twins/Red Sox series, or the time four of us guys were late to a movie and went to "Little Black Book" instead.

The Mary Baker Eddy Museum was one hour and three dollars I'll never get back. I still have the "Kick Me $1" sign I took from a punk outside the U2 show. At Mammoth Cave the tour guide told us slaves mined for our independence in the War of 1812. Just typing that hurts my head.

Here are three memorable concerts: Beck, with then-relative-unknown Danko Jones as opener (not to mention adventures with a guy named Lenny and a legendary caravan drag race towards Detroit), one of only three stops on Radiohead's Kid A tour, where Dawn and I witnessed the greatest live performance in history, and the Alanis Morrisette/Tori Amos double bill, where Tori Amos yelled at a woman until she cried and Catherine . . . well, it's the stuff of legend.

Soul Plane cost too much, and I got in for free. For some reason I didn't mind paying for Crossroads. After The Who played, Ed's car split in half near Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Drive and all his marbles fell out. The Stratford Festival is in the middle of nowhere but always worth the ride. How I convinced people to see Gordon Parks' Leadbelly is beyond me, but I enjoyed it.

The Barenaked Ladies put on an excellent end-of-the-millenium show. I think I went to the Bisons game with Josh (who sucks)!

I spend the first period of the Sabres game correcting homework from a 9th Grade social studies class. Green Day used explosions and obscene gestures to bring the rock to Rochester. We saw Sam Roberts hanging around outside before his show, which was strange only because some people were shot there a few weeks before.

Geez, how many times did I see Weezer play? The Roots remains the only show we ever walked out on because acoustics made the band sound like a jet plane full of crying babies. The Strokes were surprisingly tight for a slacker band. And I've never quite experienced something like 20,000 singing the words to "Yellow Ledbetter" with Pearl Jam, seeing how the song has NO LYRICS. The end.

Whoops, I lied. Summersault 2000 gave me a month worth of peeling skin and my only chance to see the Smashing Pumpkins. Jimmy Eat World headlined the Snojam Tour. And look at me, Mr. Moneybags, paying 77 cents to get into MoMA. I'm a real supporter of the arts, n'est pas?

While we're at it here are scans from my Europe Trip 2003 photo album. For the record I never donated anything to Cannabis College, but they did give out coupons. I did go to the sex museum, however.

Maintenant, le fin!


Joe said...

You son of a bitch. Dave wasn't the one with you at the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was me.

JupiterVet said...

TomServo0 wrote:

"and the Alanis Morrisette/Tori Amos double bill, where Tori Amos yelled at a woman until she cried and Catherine . . . well, it's the stuff of legend."

What is that supposed to mean?