Sunday, July 24, 2005

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"He once ate the Bible while water skiing!"

Well wasn't this the best day ever. The moon is in some apogee stage (?) where it's really close to the earth or really bright or I don't remember. All I know is you can't get a good picture of it with a 3.2 megapixel camera. Then I went to bed and Officially started my day.

First thing I did was Crash a Wedding (starring Freddy Funbags and David Hillopian)! Jerry asked me to run a soundboard at church, meaning I turn ONE knob up and down. It's vital. This is Jerry's Media Lair; if you look closely there are 4 televisions running simultaneously.

Some other gear

Jerry's Wall O' Recorded Sermons

Jerry worked the video in a booth downstairs.

I don't know these people at all. Naturally I took a few shots.

The groom started crying, and the bride talked about love, Mighty Taco, and how she never thought she'd meet the man of her dreams in a chat room at age 16. Well, it was much more romantic when she said it.

I then met Dave at the Central Terminal, symbol of all that needs rehabilitating in Buffalo. Dave and I need to save our cash, and free admission is always a plus.

You could only see this crawlspace through a high hole in the wall. Dave had to jump up and down, saying "Cool!" at the height of each hop.

Dave takes it all in.

Dave took this. He also took a picture of a dead rose he found which looked Very Symbolic.

THEN, because the fun never stops, we went to the newly refurbished Central Library. If you know how to read and you have no money, it's THE place to be.

The "Popular Materials" room

The "Mark Twain Room"

The censorship of Twain in the public schools makes Dave very sad indeed.

The brand-new Cafe

THEN I went home and found out my sister went to a Black Sabbath concert the night before . . . Eleventh Row! Beats seeing G Love & Special Sauce like I did the other night . . . but not by much.

THEN! I got to see Shaun of the Dead on a movie channel, which was much better than Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle that I saw on Thursday. You'd have to be high to enjoy Harold And Kumar. Oh yeah, so I watched that zombie movie and then the "Pink Eye" episode of South Park was on, you know, where Chef spoofs Thriller?

Other things happened. Joe, Dave and I saw Hustle & Flow, reminding us that everybody gotta have a dream. Jill from undergrad history found me online after 4 years. I took the dog for a run and got approached by another, punier dog named Killer. Sarah called from Maine to talk about her trip to Florida. I ate my first Whoppers since quitting a Burger King job almost a year ago (I had a coupon) and met an older guy who liked the "JUSTICE" message on my shirt and wanted to talk politics. Jeff got mentioned on the Beast Blog and probably got tons of hits. I scored some free movie tickets and free admission to a Bisons game. That's AAA-caliber baseball, people. La vida loca.

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Carlie said...

I think you are severely underestimating the hilarity of Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. I just watched it yesterday...and the other day....and I was sober EVERY time I saw it.