Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Cave City And Beyond

Martin Castle

"Let's talk about YOUR big 'but'"

Joe and his mom share a moment for about ten miles

There was a large junk shop in Cave City to check out

Billy Beer!!

"Allo, velcum to ar ah-American dinah! My name ees Svetlana. Vood you like some Vreedom Vries?"

Joe already posted this.

Our Mammoth Cave tour guide was a hundred years old. She fought in the French & Indian war against Custer and the rest of the Argonauts.

This graffiti was left by slaves who helped us gain our freedom in 1815. Sadly, they died before the Emancipation Proclamation, written by President Hoover during the Industrial Revolution.

This cave dates back to the Nixon era.

a six-story staircase

When Noah captured Stalingrad, he used this cave as a base of operations until his office at Versailles was built.

Jeff and I later went to Lincoln's (supposed) birthplace. It's in there.

Abraham Lincoln built his birthplace with his own two hands, using Lincoln Logs.

the spring making up the Lincolns' water supply

Then Jeff and I got lost. I have no idea where this is.

The Amish raised yet another Pizza Hut.

Panoramic of The Olde General Store

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