Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Washington, Day 2

This is where I interviewed, and I hope I get it. If you know somebody, put a good word in.

Inside a mail car.

Owney, the 120-year-old dog.

Ben Franklin was the first Postmaster General, and also invented some sort of stove.

The museum is located in the old city post office. Nice architecture: the marble floors in the main floor are shaped like stamped envelopes.

Sweet sorrow

Ever wonder how junk mail companies target you? You can check out your demographic info here.

The Department of Education

Then I went to the Native American museum

This is the lobby. I also have an application in for here, so if you know someone give them a good word.

Tour guide and timeline

Bible translations

Do they know that Meshuggah is a Swedish band with a Yiddish name?

The Capitol

Protesters at the White House. They want to create an Islamic state of Khalistan from western India. I think it's called Pakistan, guys.

The Rose Garden behind the White House

The Treasury Department

The Black Gates

The National Archives again

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