Monday, July 11, 2005

The Sampler

The Taste of Buffalo was a wonderous time of fellowship for Dave, Dawn, Joe and myself. Here, some guy is slicing potatoes and cutting muffins.

We decided against the tour of the toothpaste tube.

Dave doesn't know where he is.

City Hall, says photography expert David Q. Hill, is "great."

This tasted awesome, whatever it was.


Joe's sack of Buffalo Hot Nuts

Fat man on a little bike . . .

Fellowship continued at the Fergusons'

Scene from the mini-golf lagoon

My best game of mini-golf ever. I got invited to the tournament (again). I celebrated my victory at Anderson's with the other three losers.

Joe and Dave pray before finishing their desserts.

Family dinner outside and in the dark.

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Raymour Andy Flannigan said...

putt putt youz aint nothing more than a big group of WHITE people with nothing better to do than hang out and be WHITE it wasnt even close, though--Fred won by double digits