Saturday, December 18, 2004

Woman Steals Fetus

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While Thursday was one of the greatest days of my life, today has been one of the worst. I woke up around 10 feeling hot, full (as if I'd just overeaten) and with a NEED to be in the bathroom. I can't explain what happened next, but I was either vomiting or having diarrhea every twenty minutes for the next six hours. How it happened I can't say--I felt fine only a few hours before--and I hadn't even eaten that night. So where all those liquids came from is beyond me. How does a person throw up eight times? I spent the last four hours just trying to control my hyperventilating, and I think I'm okay now. At least I'm holding down water again. Now the only problem is my stomach, which is growling because it's totally empty (and will be for the rest of the night at least) and wincing because it has too much acid in it (perfect for vomiting, but I'm done with that). So why am I telling you this? I guess I want pity. But I also beat my own vomits-per-day record by five so that's nothing to scoff at. I have to use the bathroom again, just in case, so stayed tuned for updates. For example, at 10:30 I will roll over, and at 11:15 I will moan something. Bye!

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jeff said...

food poisoning.

been there & done that (New Year's 2001--actually, January 2, 2001)