Saturday, December 25, 2004

New World Record Now Accepting Chain Competitor's Gift Certificates & Cards

New World Record

"Did you get a gift certificate or card from Walmart, Borders, FYE, Barnes & Noble, Target, Circuit City, Best Buy or any other big box national chain store that carries music or video? Do you prefer to shop locally - or maybe you'd like something out of the ordinary that those stores just don't carry? Do you expect to encounter friendly, knowledgeable sales people? Then bring that music or video national chain gift card or certificate to New World Record. We'll gladly exchange it for it's full amount on any merchandise we sell: CDs, DVDs, gift items or just about anything else in the store! (Sorry, tickets are excluded). Support an independent locally owned business and let New World help you get what you really want this year!

"If you’ve got a card you want to swap, but you’re not sure if we’ll take it, just give us a call. And when you bring in a gift card to exchange, just bring it up to the counter before you begin shopping. We'll have a New World store credit waiting for you when you're ready to check out."

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