Friday, December 03, 2004

A bunch of us went some b-ball games last week: Canisius-St. Bona and UB-ISU. AND I took a lot of pictures of that and other things! Here . . . we . . . goooooooooooooooooo!

Some of us root for TWO alma maters.

3 awesome things, all Canadian.

The Hot Chick. The Fat Cameraman spent two full minutes on her.

blah blah blah

JESUS CAME BACK FOR THE GAME!! Oddly enough, he left before Canisius-Bona! Strange . . . .

Opening festivities

A lot of this was going on. Again. We need stuff to do.

<3 Aw.

Joe and Larry at the most opportune time for a picture! Pop-pop booya, conquered!

Fat neck.







[ring ring] "Hey, do you guys deliver?"

3 great DVDs we didn't watch.

Dave's got gas!

Cops always have time for Tim Horton's

Gas all gone!



Mark "Madd Dogg" Miller crashed at the place after viewing a big fight at Broadway Joe's. Rock.

Just had to get more pictures of Madd Dogg.

Madd Dogg loves Japanese Culture. Always has, at least as long as I've known him.

My Christmas presents to myself came in the mail.

Sweet . . .

Finally. TEN YEARS of waiting and I finally have and it is AWESOME. I will post a review in the future.

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