Thursday, December 23, 2004

I went out with some folks for the evening. We ate some stuff and drove around the suburban tundra. But mostly everyone else went ice skating while I . . . well, they tried to help. The gang took most of the pictures while I tried not to slip and fall on my head, or worse, on my butt. If anyone feels embarrassed to be on my blog, just remember who looks worse :)

Baby steps. For a BABY.

Dawn held my arm most of the night. She saved my life, so now we're getting married.


In a Colorful Hat contest, everyone wins.

But switching hats may cause problems.

Full-contact co-ed ice-wrestling.

More of that. You guys took these pictures, not me.

I gained a deep appreciation for walls.

Joe also helped an old man out.

Dave blocked access to the wall so I'd "learn faster". I shocked Dave by skating THROUGH him.

Oh, great. I'll remember that hotel next time I'm staying in the area.

Covering our backs.


I can't tell if Joe is behind Dave or in front of him.

The cover to Joe's solo album.

Dual homo shenanigans.

Who took this one?


Naomes' right cheek, for future forensic files. I know "Naomes" is not Naomi's real name, but "Naomes" just sounds more fun to say.


Vehicle of the Gods

Person: "Hey Fred, are there ever pictures you DON'T post on your blog?" Fred: "Just the redundant ones."

At Antoinnette's, (sp?) Davey-Poo (definitely correct sp) ordered Marshmallow sauce a la mode.

Naomes and Dawnna work out a Peanut Butter Solution.

On the left, photographs before World War I. On the right, photographs taken after.

So good . . . so rich . . . we surrendered to flavor.

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