Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ketchup Pitchers

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Oh, that silly Dave! He just can't eat his sushi with those chopsticks! That's our Dave! [laugh track]

At this point in time Joe was mad at me. But as long as there's a record deal we'll always be friends. Dave still can't use those chopsticks!

The new background to my laptop

This metallic "book" of Buffalo's history is currently on display in Capen Hall at UB. I first saw it a couple years ago at the International Airport.

One of the pages. Note the Michigan Avenue Baptist Church (left) as I'll refer to it in a later post. And on your unit test.

I just liked the lighting. I took this at about 8 in the morning on a Saturday, during Spring Break, because I somehow thought the library would be open and learned the hard way that it wasn't.

I'm part of a group of volunteers that will give tours of the Albright-Knox grounds this summer, so I took some pictures during a training walk-through. More importantly, here's a squirrel protecting his nuts from the Christ Child.

The newest outdoor installation. It's bright colors and horizontal stripes are supposed to contrast against the building and generally cheese you off.

Hoyt Lake and Delaware Park, near the Casino

The morning I took this, a shirtless jogger was running in between all of the columns singing 80s punk songs at the top of his lungs. So here's a picture of a chubby guy. He was easier to take a picture of because he didn't move.

The Rose Garden isn't much to look at during winter.

Pretty flowers.

These are caryatids; statues acting as columns. Fun fact: the portico these are on was supposed to be marble but the gallery ran out of money. Not a fun fact: I once heard a 8-minute discussion on how to pronounce and spell "caryatid".

The new, 44-year old addition, made by an architect named Bunshaft. That's a great name to say: Bunshaft. BUN-shaft. BUN-SHAFT.
"Shut yo' mouth!" "Just talkin' about Bunshaft." "We can dig it."
Can you tell I didn't get to sleep last night?

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