Friday, March 03, 2006

Toy Story Vs Requiem For A Dream

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On 3 January 2005 I posted a list of New Year's resolutions. Since I've recently posted few extensive posts this will do as your half-hearted personal update for the month. That sentence was awful smarmy. Comments are in italics

--Finish my effing thesis
done, thank goodness
--Go to bed earlier
sometimes I go to bed at noon, does that count? bloody overnight shifts
--Spend less time on the Internet (curse you,!)
this needs work, so I gave up Fark for Lent
--Get back down to about 160 lbs. I have some pants I'd like to fit into.
nope. but at least I didn't gain any weight
--Read Cross' The Burned-Over District
done, and it was as interesting as it was boring
--Get a Real Job come May
September, depending on what you call a real job. anyone want to hire a history grad?
--Kill Flanders
that darned Flanders!
--Finish my thesis
yes, I had two of them, and I finished the last one at 10 PM, December 31
should have rocked more. still got a few appearances on Joe's album and some of Tim's demos

--Stop eating spaghetti and Chinese food by the pound
am currently down to three-quarters of a pound
--Finally get my Dual Citizenship Card renewed ($60)
by the time I finally did it the cost was $75
--Leave the house once every couple of days
that was an easy one
--Never ice skate again :)
--Stop faking the funk on nasty dunks
did you see me jumping over Spud Webb? good times
--Do the Lord's work
did you see me jumping over Spud Webb? good times
--Find Sleater-Kinney fans, hang out with them
where are you people?? i had to go to freakin' Cleveland to find you
--Less chocolate, more salad
more both!
--Stop drinking milk and eating ham. It gives me the s***s; why do I still do it?
pretty successful here, though it's info I should have never given up in the first place
--Finish my thesis

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