Monday, March 06, 2006

Larkland Sunday

dude, I have this sandwich maker

This is my lamp! Good thing it has those useful arrows on it or it would never work!

I'm currently training to give architectural tours in the summer. The other week our group went on a dry run of the former Larkland estate near the Albright-Knox. This is one of the five houses, four of which still exist.

Another house, which was temporarly owned by a school. They're big freakin' houses.

All of these houses are in the Colonial Revival style. Symmetrical front, romanesque porticos, window arounds and above the door, etc.

An old, overhead photo of the estate

We got to go into the largest existing building, built by John Larkin for his son John Larkin Jr. It's now owned by the Buffalo Seminary.

Das group

The dining room

The kitchen

Stairs. I can't believe I'm writing these captions.

The front gate

Abe Lincoln at the Casino. Where he belongs!

I finally confirmed what happened to Frank Fanara, thanks to Phil's blog.

Inside the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society, where our lectures are held each Saturday.

This building is the former New York building, the last remaining structure from the 1901 Pan-Am Exposition. Apologies if you're not interested.

Finally, a paper-mache cactus outside UB's Center for the Arts. Good thing it has those arrows on it or it would never work!

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