Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Only Built 4 TomServo0 Linx

[explicit lyrics]

Some blog news: Yesterday my account was suspended for some reason. Either I: 1) posted too many pictures at once or 2) triggered a spam alert with my post Spam as Poetry. Since the Hello program triggered the freeze it was probably the pictures. If that didn't peeve me enough, Joe Ferguson plagiarized at least half of my post Jim 2.0 and put it on his own blog. I don't mind people quoting and borrowing, but when you copy and paste ten photos with their captions you're using the highest caliber of mindlessness. So what did Joe say to defend his actions?

[15:18] Joe: blow me
[15:18] Joe: it's a blog
[15:18] Joe: it's not the ****ing new york times
[15:19] Joe: just think of it as a massive block quote

[15:20] Joe: because people won't go to your site
[15:20] Joe: people who view my site are lazy
[15:20] Joe: and/or dumb

[16:13] Joe: now the computer illiterate people who look at my blog won't see those pictures

[16:16] Joe: my point is, i'm not going to copy your posts if you write something original
[16:18] Joe: my blog isn't about writing witty entries
[16:18] Joe: I know I plagiarized you

By the way, Joe is a published doctoral student.

I'd like to congratulate anyone of Joe's friends who have evolved from the primordial ooze and learned to click on links. I'm sure this site will blow your mind, as Joe only copies boring material for your entertainment. Did you also know how dumb he thinks you are?

From now on, I hope to evade the spam filters and grand larceny borrowers by limiting myself to ten photos per post.


Joe said...

These quotes were taken completely out of context. I shouldn't even be addressing this slander.

TomServo0 said...

Should I post the entire conversation, Ann Coulter? It doesn't make you look any better.