Thursday, March 04, 2004

Tonight I went to my court-ordered driving class. There was a real old lady in the front named Delores who wouldn't stop making innocent comments, stupid or otherwise. I counted 21 dumb comments to 5 useful ones. Two of the useful ones pointed out grammar errors in the book.

Teacher: "Delores, what answer did you get for number 4?"

Delores: "False?"

Teacher: "That's correct."

Delores: "Oh. So it's true?"

Teacher: "No, you're right."

Delores: "Why isn't it False? I put down False."

Teacher: "The answer IS False. Maybe I misspoke. I'm sorry."

Delores: "Alrighty. So it's False then?"

Teacher: "YES."

Delores [talking to herself too loudly]: "So that's number . . . 4."

[class rolls eyes]

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